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Long-distance cycle routes in and around Bremen

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Which long-distance cycle routes lead to or pass through Bremen?

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In a radius of 30km around Bremen, more than 800km of the existing cycle route network is signposted as a Green Ring path. These circular routes are a great way to discover the region's beautiful landscape by bike.

There are also various long-distance cycle routes that pass through the city and that are intended for multi-day tours. Various sections of these long-distance cycle routes are also suitable for one-day bike rides:

  • The approx. 140km Weites Land Cycle Route is a circular tour that explores the Teufelsmoor (Devil's Moor).
  • The approx. 125km Wümme Cycle Route connects Bremen with the Lüneburg Heath.
  • The Weser Cycle Route follows the course of the Weser river through six different regions from the Weserbergland hills to the North Sea.
  • The approx. 150km Hamburg-Bremen Cycle Route runs between these two great Hanseatic cities.
  • On the cycle route from the Teufelsmoor to the Wadden Sea you can discover the richly varied scenery between the mouths of the Elbe and Weser rivers and the North Sea coast.
  • Totalling 530 kilometres in length, the Monks' Trail stretches from Bremen all the way to Roskilde in Denmark. Combining scenery with culture, the route passes through Wischhafen and Glückstadt on the Elbe riverside before carrying on to Fehmarn Island.
  • The Bridges Cycle Route comprises two parallel routes starting in delightful Osnabrück and ending in Bremen. Between the two cities, you'll get to enjoy a few quiet and peaceful days in the great outdoors.
  • Shade-giving woodland alongside fields of gold, brightly coloured heaths giving way to pale yellow sand dunes: a trip along the Geest Cycle Route is an unforgettable outdoor experience for all the senses.

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