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Manke & Coldewey Lebkuchen Manufaktur

Eine Frau hält ein Blech mit Lebkuchen
Enjoy hand-made lebkuchen gingerbread and watch as it is made in Bremen.

Quelle: Stefanie Bomhoff / druckarte

We bake delicious gingerbread using almonds, nuts, honey and spices – all without flour or additives – at our premises in Bremen's Überseestadt district. Our products come in a variety of flavours and with or without a glaze, such as high-quality chocolate and icing.

They are all lactose-free, and our gluten-free lebkuchen are made without a wafer.

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Lebkuchenmanufaktur Manke & Coldewey

Tour for groups (German)

Quelle: Stefanie Bomhoff / bomhoff/druckarte

Lebkuchenmanufaktur Manke & Coldewey

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Quelle: Stefanie Bomhoff / bomhoff/druckarte

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