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Gingerbread Manufactory Manke & Coldewey

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Enjoy hand-made lebkuchen gingerbread and watch as it is made in Bremen.

Quelle: Stefanie Bomhoff / druckarte

In the gingerbread manufactory Manke & Coldewey at Bremen's Fabrikenhafen in the Überseestadt, juicy elises are baked from almonds, nuts, honey, oriental spices and other delicacies. The elises are also available in various flavours with high-quality chocolate, icing or natural.

Tradition and company history

The company has existed since 1922 and is now run as a family business in the 4th generation. The tradition of handcrafting sweet specialities is continued with modern dynamism and reliability.

Originally known as an ice cream maker family, the company also started producing handmade Elisen gingerbread, freshly roasted almonds, butter stollen and gift items since 2015. This idea came about because the ice cream selling business at fairs did not work well in winter, and they decided to make delicious gingerbread. In 2022, the 100th anniversary of the ice cream shop and the 10th anniversary of the gingerbread manufactory were celebrated.

Zu sehen sind zahlreiche braune Lebkuchen. Lediglich die Mitte des Bildes ist scharf gestellt, der Rest ist unscharf.

Die Lebkuchen Manufaktur Bremen

Quelle: Stefanie Bomhoff - druckarte


The range includes Elisen gingerbread in various sizes, almonds, stollen and gifts. All baked goods are of the best quality, made from natural ingredients and contain little sugar. Some products do not contain any flour at all. In addition to the shop in the glass factory and sales at the Bremen Christmas market, all quality products are also offered online. The company also supplies retailers beyond the borders of northern Germany.

The gingerbread factory offers tempting treats to enjoy or give as gifts. The products are handmade at the Gläsernen Manufaktur in Bremen's Überseestadt district. The shop offers a wide selection of Christmas gifts in many creative flavour variations. The handmade specialities and manufactory products can be combined according to individual taste.

Guided tours through the company

Customers also have the opportunity to experience the production and get to know the family business. Guided tours are offered for groups of 8 to 20 people and must be booked in advance. Individuals can also book.

Manke & Coldewey Lebkuchen Manufaktur

Tour for groups in German

Experience the production of the gingerbread manufacturer Manke & Coldewey and get to know the family business!

Quelle: Stefanie Bomhoff / bomhoff/druckarte

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