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Lloyd Caffee

Kaffeerösterei Lloyd Caffee in Bremen
Learn everything there is to know about coffee-roasting traditions from the master coffee roaster, and sample the freshly roasted coffee for yourself at the shop.

Quelle: Kubikfoto / Lloyd Caffee GmbH

From Café HAG to Lloyd Caffee

Bremen was where local coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius invented the decaffeination process. Over 100 years ago he discovered a method of removing the caffeine from coffee without spoiling the taste, and from 1906 onwards his HAG coffee became famous around the world. Coffee is still being produced at the old factory in Überseestadt.

Kaffeebohnen auf einer Ablage


Veranstaltung im Marmorsaal bei Kaffee HAG


Its sumptuously restored HAG marble hall transports visitors back in time to the Golden Age of the Bremen coffee trade. The heritage-listed hall in Bremen's Holzhafen area was built by Roselius in 1914 and features white Carrara marble and art nouveau display cabinets, where original packaging, old advertisements and porcelain bring Café HAG's history to life. The hall now belongs to Lloyd Caffee and forms part of the tour of the roastery. Coffee has been roasted by hand at Lloyd Caffee for 85 years, making the small roastery on Fabrikenufer the oldest in Bremen to still produce coffee using traditional methods. Master coffee roaster Christian Ritschel holds public coffee seminars where visitors can look behind the scenes and discover the secret to really good coffee.

Tour of the roastery

What happens to beans in a roastery? Take a tour of the marble hall with Lloyd Caffee's master coffee roaster and discover the art of great coffee. The hall, now a listed building, was built in 1914 by Bremen coffee merchant and patron of the arts Ludwig Roselius.

Eine Person steht mit Hingabe an einer Röstmaschine und geht seiner Arbeit mit den Kaffeebohnen nach

Coffee roastery

Quelle: Kubikfoto für Lloyd Caffee

Cappuccino bei Lloyd Caffee

Tour for groups

Quelle: WFB/Ingrid Krause

Röstereiführung bei Lloyd Caffee


Shop and café

You can sample various coffees in the cosy café and, of course, buy them too.

Das damalige Fabrikgebäude von Kaffee HAG im Bremer Hafen

Coffee, Cocoa and Catacombs

Quelle: WFB/Ingrid Krause

Cappuccino bei Lloyd Caffee


Kaffeerösterei Lloyd Caffee in Bremen


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