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Jacobs Coffee Academy

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Where the world-famous Jacobs coffee company began – from heritage shop to view from the top!

Quelle: Martin Kandzio/Johann Jacobs Haus

The Johann Jacobs Haus is the heart of coffee in Bremen's city centre. The headquarters of Jacobs Kaffee, which has been reconstructed in its historical style and at the same time reinterpreted, is a modern meeting place for coffee lovers in Bremen that has international appeal.

In keeping with the spirit of the founder Johann Jacobs, who opened his first roastery and shop in Bremen 125 years ago, you will find a place at Obernstraße 20 in Bremen where the production, preparation and enjoyment of high-quality coffee take centre stage.

Coronation as a global brand and "Jacobs Kaffee" as an exclusive house brand literally revive the historic location and the joy of good coffee.

"Jacobs and Jacobs Coffee are trademarks owned by Jacobs Douwe Egberts and used under licence".


Quelle: Johann Jacobs Haus

Jacobs Coffee Seminar

The Jacobs Coffee Seminar offers its visitors a special insight into the world of coffee and the history of the family dynasty in lovingly designed rooms that recall the founder's philosophy.

What were Jacobs' most important innovations for the Germans' favourite drink? When was the first coffee drunk in Bremen? And what makes a good cup of coffee anyway? A professional coffee workshop will answer these and other questions from visitors.

A presentation shows the origin of the most popular types of coffee, how they are grown and harvested, and makes the difference between class and mass comprehensible. A drum roaster will be used to explain artisanal roasting and its advantages for coffee enjoyment. In addition, two tastings of single-variety speciality coffees from the house are served, showing that coffee is also a vintage product with a wide range of aromas. Tips and tricks for perfect preparation and storage at home are revealed.

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Jacobs Coffee Seminar

Get an insight into the history of the family dynasty and extensive information about the natural product coffee.

Quelle: Johann Jacobs Haus

Jacobs Headquarters Tour

The Jacobs Kaffee headquarters invites visitors on a tour of its lovingly designed rooms, where you can learn about the fascinating history of the place and the philosophy of the company founder. The quarterly changing Jacobs coffee specialities that are roasted at the head office are also presented.

A highlight of the tour is undoubtedly the visit to "Uncle Johann's Coffee Workshop", where you will be initiated into the secrets of roasting, preparing and storing coffee. Here you can experience at first hand how Jacob's coffee gets its unique taste and why it is so popular with so many people around the world.

To top it all off, you can enjoy an exclusive view from the roof terrace of the head office. From here you can admire the majestic towers of Bremen's city centre, including of course the famous "Jacobs Tower" in the Neustadt. This panoramic view gives the visit a special experience and rounds off the overall experience perfectly.

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Jacobs Headquarters Tour

On a tour through the lovingly designed rooms, you will learn about the history of the place, the philosophy of the company founder, as well as the Jacobs coffee specialities roasted in the head office.

Quelle: Martin Kandzio/Johann Jacobs Haus

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