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Look behind the scenes

Airbus Space tour
Take a look behind the scenes of different factories and large companies.

Quelle: WFB/Jonas Ginter

Bremen is a brand capital – home to such big names as Beck's, Mercedes-Benz and Airbus. But Bremen also features a number of smaller manufacturers producing a variety of artisan goods.

Take a look behind the scenes. On various factory tours we will open the doors to production areas and give you a glimpse of our treasures. Find out how beer is brewed, how high-end cars are built and how astronauts live in space. On the tours of the smaller producers you can see how, aromatic coffee and fine brandies are made.

International brands

Mercedes Benz


Quelle: Mercedes-Benz Kundencenter Bremen

Airbus Space tour


Quelle: WFB/Jonas Ginter

Liquid pleasures

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Tea ceremony tour (German)

Quelle: Hafenmuseum Speicher XI

Bremen Experts

For tourist questions and bookings, the professionals of the official tourism organization can help you via the service telephone 0421-3080010 or in the tourist information.

Sweet delicacies

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Manke & Coldewey Lebkuchen Manufaktur

Quelle: Stefanie Bomhoff / druckarte

Gezeichnete Skyline von Bremens prominentenen Gebäuden