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Beaches in Bremen and its surrounding area

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Sandy beaches in Bremen and its surrounding area invite you to enjoy hot summer days.

Quelle: Privat - JUA

You want to get a tan this summer, cool off in the water and feel like you are on vacation? With our tips you will find beaches in Bremen and the surrounding area where you are enjoying the summer for sure!

1 Weser Beach at Café Sand

The beach at the Weser is located in the heart of the city of Bremen. You can reach the beach in a few minutes by taking the Weser ferry. Alternatively, you can also get to Café Sand via the Wilhelm-Kaisen-Brücke. You can relax on the sandy beach and watch rowers and ships pass by. After sunbathing, you can enjoy a cool drink at Café Sand.

Blick vom Café Sand Sandstrand auf die Weser

Quelle: Katharazzi

1 Beaches in Rablinghausen

A 300 meters long sandy beach awaits you in the Rablinghausen Weseruferpark. Since 2009 it is possible to bathe here. Besides cooling off, you can enjoy the maritime flair with a view of the Überseestadt. Just a little down the road, the next beach is already waiting for you. Treat yourself with a cool drink under palm trees and sand between your toes at the Lankenauer Höft.

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Quelle: Lankenauer Höft

1 Beach Park Waller Sand

The beach is located directly in the Überseestadt and connects the districts of Walle and Gröpelingen. The sandy beach became a recreation area with dunes, a water playground and volleyball courts. A great, multifaceted place to enjoy the summer.

Sonnenuntergang am Waller Sand

Quelle: privat / JUA

1 Werdersee Beach

The Werdersee is located in the immediate vicinity of the city center. On hot summer days you can cool off on the northern part of the sandy beach. Non-swimmers can also swim carefree in a separate area. The bathing bay is supervised by the DLRG. Apart from the beach, you can relax on the meadows and have a barbecue in designated areas.

Blick auf den Werdersee, jemand liegt auf einer Luftmatratze

Quelle: www.katharazzi.com

1 Beachclub Nethen

Light blue water and a white sandy beach await you at the Beachclub Nethen. The recreation area exists in the Ammerland region since ten years. You can simply relax on the beach, explore the area by pedal boat or give various water sports activities a try such as water skiing or canoeing.

Der Beachclub Nethen aus der Vogelperspektive.

Quelle: Ulf Duda

1 Bathing Beach Harriersand

The large river island Harriersand is located near Brake. With its natural beaches the island stretches for 11 km. Besides bathing beaches, the river island offers you many opportunities to sunbathe and relax. In addition, there are horse riding and meadow areas, a small restaurant and camping sites. From the beach you can enjoy the view of the harbor of Brake and the passing ships.

Zu sehen ist ein langer, weißer Sandstrand, an dessen rechter Seite blaues Wasser grenzt. Links vom Strand stehen grüne Bäume. Der Himmel ist strahlend blau.

Quelle: Privat - LS

1 Weser Beach Bath Bremerhaven

Enjoy real sea air in Bremerhaven at the so called Weser-Strandbad. A typical North German beach with traditional beach chairs and seagulls, awaits you just a short walk away from Havenwelten. You can end the day in one of the closely located beach restaurants and enjoy the view of the passing ships with a drink or snack.

Strandkörbe am Sandstrand des Weser Strandbads. Im Hintergrund ist das Mediteraneo, das Klimahaus und das Sail City Hotel zu sehen.

Quelle: © Mailin Knoke/ Erlebnis Bremerhaven

1 North Sea Bath Dangast

About an hour away by car from Bremen you can reach the bathing beach Dangast, which is located on the North Sea coast. Enjoy the sun in one of the traditional beach chairs and swim in the North Sea. When the tide is low, you can walk across the mudflats and hike to the Arngaster lighthouse. If the weather is not enjoyable, you can treat yourself in the sauna area adjacent to the sea and at least enjoy the view.

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Quelle: Tourismus-Service Dangast - Martin Stoever

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From Bremen to the sea

Tips for more beaches at the North Sea that are in reach by train or car.

Quelle: Privat - JUA

1 Habenhauser Uferaue

Enjoy your time on the sandy beach at the Habenhauser Uferaue. Swim in the water, which is about 1.60 meters deep or relax in the surrounding nature. In the context of the project “Lebensader Weser” (“Weser lifeline”), which addressed the renaturation of the Weser section in 2015, the area is supposed to develop on a natural basis without human interference. The environment has already been accepted by various water birds.

Ein Bild von der Uferaue Habenhausen, ein Badebereich der Weser mit Sandstrand.

Quelle: Katharazzi.com

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