Terms of Use Bremen Media Platforms

General Terms of Use of the Online Media Platforms of WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH (14.12.2023)

Dear users of the Bremen Media Platforms, we are very pleased that you like our media material (referred to as "assets" in these Terms) and that you wish to use them. Depending on your intended use, you can utilize our assets as follows:

  • Free of charge in the context of tourism promotion, city marketing, and location marketing related to the state of Bremen. (Platform: Bremen Media)
  • For a fee for the purposes of other uses. (Platform: Bremen Media Business)

A separate platform access for each of these types of use is provided. Not all assets are accessible for every type of usage. Details regarding the various types of use can be found in Section 2 of these Terms. If you are unsure about the type of utilization your intended use represents, please be sure to contact us in order to avoid potential legal problems. We wish you much joy and success in using our assets.

Best regards
WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH
Bildredaktion Abteilung Bremen Online


1.1 The following General Terms of Use of WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH (referred to as "WFB" in these Terms) apply whenever you make use of WFB's assets such as images, regardless of whether explicit reference is made to the validity of the General Terms of Use.

1.2 Terms and conditions or other restrictions that contradict, deviate from or supplement these General Terms of Use will not be acknowledged unless WFB explicitly accepts them in writing instead of these General Terms of Use on a case-by-case basis.

1.3 All other agreements, declarations, ancillary agreements and amendments to these General Terms of Use require written form to be effective. This also applies to any amendment to this clause.

1.4 By registering on one of WFB's Media Platforms, you agree to these General Terms of Use and confirm that you have read and understood them. The data requested during registration must be complete and true. You are obliged to promptly report any changes to the information requested during registration. Providing false information during registration, failing to notify us of changes, or violating these General Terms of Use, may result in immediate exclusion from using the Online Media Platforms. You are also solely responsible for the security of your password. Sharing it with third parties is not permitted. You are also solely responsible for all actions carried out under your username. If your password becomes known to unauthorized persons, please change it immediately.


2.1 WFB grants you the non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and non-transferable, spatially and temporally unrestricted right to use the assets downloaded by you for the purposes listed in the following Section 2.2, either free of charge (see Section 2.2.1) or for a fee (see Section 2.2.2). Any use related to the advertisement of political, religious or ideological contexts, own archiving purposes, usage in databases, image catalogs, image galleries and corresponding image collections is generally excluded. Utilizing assets for advertisements is not allowed (both print and web). Utilizing assets for campaigns must be requested on a case-by-case basis at: bildredaktion@wfb-bremen.de. Making use of our assets in a manner and/ or context that jeopardizes or damages the image and reputation of Bremen is also prohibited.

2.2 How you can use the assets in individual cases depends on the intended usage, for which there are two different types of access to our Media Platform:

2.2.1 Free of charge within the scope of promoting tourism, city marketing and location marketing in relation to the state of Bremen. (Platform: Bremen Media)

For assets in this category, free usage for tourism advertising is allowed, including:

For the design of Bremen tourist offers and other promotional publications by domestic and foreign tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, rail and bus companies, shipping companies, hotels, trade fairs, congress and conference organizations, incoming agencies and similar companies (e.g. also travel consultants in industrial companies), or for the creation of journalistic content about Bremen in domestic and international newspapers, magazines, as well as brochures (with the requirement that the text accompanying the assets be primarily informative and promotional in nature).

The same applies to the usage on social media, which, in addition to crediting the author, also requires linking the channels:

Usage by regional press media, such as newspapers or publications (print and web, including social media) is restricted. The only contributions that are allowed to be accompanied by WFB images must specifically pertain to WFB press releases or serve promotional purposes related to conferences, congresses, trade fairs, and exhibitions in Bremen. This includes advertising visits to cultural institutions and events in Bremen (e.g. art exhibitions, theatres, concerts, and sports events), as well as traditional seasonal activities in Bremen (e.g. Freimarkt and the Christmas Market). For uses in other contexts (e.g. as symbols in reports unrelated to tourism activities), please contact us in advance and we will consider granting approval on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, the use of assets for large formats from A1, such as 18/1 or city light posters and merchandising products, must be separately requested at bildredaktion@wfb-bremen.de.

2.2.2 Paid use within other contexts. (Platform: Bremen Media Business)
Usage requiring payment includes any use not covered by Section 2.2.1, in particular those where the asset primarily serves as a basis for economic gain. This applies specifically to items such as postcards, calendars, illustrated books, posters (except touristic posters) and similar objects. Additionally, payment is required in terms of creative support in the context of product presentations or service offerings by commercial enterprises intending to utilize the assets solely for promoting their sales and image interests (e.g. as a background motif in a clothing store window display, representational images in brochures for real estate offers, incorporating them as interior decorations in hotels, printing them on company vehicle’s, promoting the company’s location on its website). Usage aimed at promoting one's own publications/ products is also subject to payment, where the asset is not primarily employed to advertise Bremen but to promote one's own publication (both in print and online).


WFB grants limited editing rights, namely the right to modify the images using analog, digital or other image editing methods as follows: changes to the image size (enlargement, reduction), conversion of color information, adjustments to color, contrast, and brightness values. Further editing parameters are not permitted. Editing using AI is prohibited.


For each asset publication/ use, the respective copyright notice (Copyright), as listed in the filename of the asset (for photos), must be provided directly on the asset if possible (on social media directly as part of the post) or in the imprint/ source reference as follows:

WFB Bremen / first name and surname of the author

Proofs: We kindly request that you send proof of publication (which can also be in the form of a screenshot or PDF) to: bildredaktion@wfb-bremen.de or the postal address provided below.


You are obliged to adhere to the journalistic standards outlined by the German Press Council (Pressekodex). You are liable for the textual content. In the event that third parties assert claims against WFB as a result of your use of an asset, particularly with regard to violations of general personal rights, copyright, property rights, or industrial property rights, you are required to indemnify WFB against all liabilities and expenses, including any legal costs.


6.1 The individual who provides an asset to WFB is solely responsible for ensuring the legality of its content and the authorization to transfer its usage rights. WFB bears no liability in this regard.

6.2 However, this exclusion does not apply if and WFB has acted intentionally or negligently.


7.1 WFB adheres to the regulations of data protection laws and takes the protection of personal data seriously.

7.2 Personal data is only collected as necessary for registration on the Online Media Platform and the provision of images. Under no circumstances will the data collected be used outside WFB, sold or otherwise passed on to third parties, unless this is necessary for the provision of the assets.

7.3 We will inform you about the use of cookies and other tracking and analysis tools when you visit our Online Media Platforms.

7.4 Upon registration on a WFB Media Platform and the establishment of a user account, basic data (such as name, email address, and company) will be stored in a user database. This allows for future logins without needing to re-enter information. This consent can be revoked at any time by sending an email to: bildredaktion@wfb-bremen.de.


8.1 German law applies.

8.2 The place of jurisdiction is Bremen.

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