Ein Basketball mit der Aufschrift Sportlich Shoppen.

Sporting Goods Shops in Bremen

You’re lacking the right equipment for your favorite sport, would like some guidance when buying gear, or looking to challenge yourself with a new activity? We’ll show you where you can go to get sporting goods, and expert advice, in Bremen.


The sporting goods store Unterwegs is in the middle of Bremen’s city center. From camping equipment to hiking to canoeing: Here you’ll find a wide selection with many well-known brands and advice about what you need.

Ein Blick in das Geschäft "Unterwegs" am Domshof voll von Kleidung und Ausstattung für unterwegs.

Quelle: Unterwegs Outdoor Shop GmbH

 Shape You

The shop Shape You gives advice on fitness and sport nutrition. In the Faulenstraße, you’ll not only get nutritional supplements, but also tips for your own personal training.


Titus in the Viertel has equipment for skating and streetwear. Find that special skateboard or get outfitted with protection and other accessories.

Eine Innenaufnahme von dem Geschäft Titus im Viertel.

Quelle: Titus Bremen

  Karstadt Sport

The name gives it away – in this building, one of Bremen’s largest department stores – only sport and fitness articles are sold. On Karstadt Sport’s six floors, you’ll find equipment and clothing for a variety of sports. Additionally, they offer special customer services like a running-shoe analysis. 

Eine Außenaufnahme von Karstadt-Sport in der Sögestraße.

Quelle: WFB/ bremen.online/SIS


You’re planning a trip or are gripped by wanderlust? The Globetrotter in the Viertel will set you up with the right equipment. 

Das Geschäft Globetrotter von außen

Quelle: WFB/bremen.online


In addition to various accessories and a selection of clothing, Snipes also has a large assortment of sport shoes. As well as running shoes, you also find the right basketball and skating shoes here.

 Hansa Jagdausrüstung

Hansa Jagdausrüstung is your port of call for hunting equipment. You’ll not only find your hunting gear here, but also everything you need for playing darts.

 Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin supplies you with the right outdoor gear, so you can feel as comfortable outside as you do at home. With 300 square meters of selling space, the Bremen store offers a large selection and expert advice. 

 Sport Tiedje

You’d rather train at home? Whether you’re looking for cardio machines, weight-lifting apparatus or other equipment, you’ll find it – plus sport nutritional supplies – at Sport Tiedje

Das Geschäft Sport Tiedje von außen.

Das Geschäft Sport Tiedje von außen.

Quelle: WFB/bremen.online

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