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Zwei Radfahrer auf einer Rennbahn; Quelle: ESN
First-rate cycling and entertainment in the ÖVB-Arena

Quelle: ESN

Every January, cycling fans gather in the ÖVB-Area to be swept up in the rush of speed and excitement generated by the cyclists racing around the track and to take advantage of the fabulous programme events.

Where and When?

10th - 15th of January 2019


Sixdays Logo 2018

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Speed, excitement, drama and first-rate sport on the track are at hand at Sixdays Bremen, the six-day long cycle race in the Weser city. The right mix of sport and entertainment programme make for an unusual and unmissable event year after year in the ÖVB-Arena.

New!  Since 2016: "Your Race" - A contest for Everyman

At the 52nd Bremen Sixdays, for the first time ever, a race for amateurs was held. 12 competitors, six men and six women, stood ready to compete on the 166-metre-long and extremely titled race track. 

The qualification races for Bremen residents interested in competing in Sixdays 2017 take place in January. The best placers will then compete on the tilted track at the end of the programme on 14 January. Please find further information regarding how to participate here.

A wide-ranging cycling programme

Sixdays offers its audience a varied and sophisticated sport programme. International professional teams, young talent, amateur teams, as well as sprinters compete on the 166,66-metre-long track. Relatively new is the competition for women, who now pursue their points at the competition in Bremen.

2017 to open once more with a first-class race

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has selected Bremen Sixdays for the 1st rank of commercial races. Now that more qualification points can be collected for the Cycling World Championship, the race has become even more interesting for cyclists. 2017 will surely once again draw high-calibre cyclists for its start. 

Zwei Radrennfahrer auf einer Rennstrecke

Die Bremer SixDays sind für alle Radsportfreunde ein wahres Spektakel.

Quelle: Sixdays Bremen / M. Heckel

Sport and shows in and around the arena

Off the race track, onlookers can enjoy an attractive fringe programme. The concert stage showcases bands and individual performers. An adjoining hall is declared to an official party-zone, the perfect place to dance the night away. In other areas, culinary delights and delicacies from over the world await guests.

Fun for the whole family on Kidsday

One day of the Sixdays is reserved for the smallest cycle- sport fans. On Kidsday children and their families experience exciting entertainment with a lively music show and a chance to meet Speedy, the cycling circuit mascot.