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Second hand, Retro and Vintage

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In addition to the large amount of conventional retail stores, boutiques and shops in Bremen, there are many second-hand stores. You can find used but undamaged clothing, furniture, books and other lovely things at bargain prices, with a range that spans from no-name brands to extravagant designer labels. We’ve put together a list of some these shops in Bremen.


The Oxfam Shop is a second-hand project dedicated to social causes. High-quality, second hand goods, which have been donated are sold in the store. The proceeds go to the development works of Oxfam Germany. The Oxfam Shop Bremen is at Knochenhauerstraße 18/19 and is run by volunteers.

Aussenansicht Oxfam Shop Bremen; Quelle: Katharina Bünn

Quelle: Katharina Bünn

Modemarkt Bremen

At Modemarkt Bremen in the Viertel, you can buy second hand clothing and fashion from last season. You’ll find luxury brands like Prada, Gucci and Gaultier here. If you like designer labels and posh vintage, this is the place for you. Additionally, shoes, bags and other accessories are for sale. The shop is located at Feldstraße 10.

Modemarkt Bremen

Quelle: Modemarkt Bremen

First Class Secondhand Fashion & Accessories

Secondhand Fashion & Accessories in the Viertel is right next to the Theater on Ostertorsteinweg 54.

Außenansicht von einem Secondhand Geschäft im Viertel

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Anziehungspunkt Vintage

In the beloved Viertel, you’ll find vibrant clothes, vintage sunglasses, coats, hats and unusual shoes – all second hand. The shop is at Ostertorsteinweg 100.

Reklame vom Secondhandladen Anziehungspunkt Vintage; Quelle:Katharina Bünn

Quelle: Katharina Bünn

Second Hand Frauensachen

Fashionable clothing for women, as well as costume jewelry, shoes and handbags can be found in the Neustadt at Second Hand Frauensachen on Buntentorsteinweg 85.

Frauensachen, Second Hand Geschäft

Quelle: Neustadt Marketing

Secondhandladen Proshop

At Secondhandladen Proshop you’ll find used textiles and household articles, toys and books. The shop is in Hemelingen in the Hemelinger Bahnhofstraße 1.

Schaufenster eines Second Hand Geschäftes

Quelle: Stadtteilmarketing Hemelingen e.V.

Lady First Class – Second Hand

Lady First Class has second hand women’s fashion. The store is in the city center on Wachtstraße 20.

Schaufenster eines Secondhand Geschäftes

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