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Constant change along the Weser river

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The southwest of Bremen has a lot to offer: the district of Woltmershausen offers more than just a recreational area directly on the Weser and complements residential facilities close to the city in a multicultural environment with an urban flair. The districts of Rablinghausen and Woltmershausen are characterised by constant changes in the port economy and housing development as well as industrialisation and renaturation.

Impressions of Woltmershausen

Simply Woltmershausen

Despite the constant changes in the structure of the district, one fact has remained the same for years: old-established residents refer to their district as Pusdorf or Pusdorp. Whether the name is influenced by the strong wind directly on the river or is based on the family name of a large farmer in the area can no longer be precisely determined today. What is clear, however, is that the traditional name is not just part of everyday language. In the summer months, the Weser ferry "Pusdorp" connects the left bank of the Weser at Lankenauer Höft with the right bank at the stops Pier 2 and Molenturm.

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