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Greenest Neighbourhood in Bremen West

© WFB / Jens Lehmkühler

The neighbourhood of Walle is diverse and dynamic; people of all social classes live here. Making the local saying: "In Walle wohnen sie alle!" (In Walle live they all!) very fitting. Whether young or old, families or singles - the former dockworkers’ quarter in Bremen West is enjoying a growing popularity. That’s due to its mix of easily reached shops, cultural and recreational offerings, and finally, the abundance of green space here. Those who live in this neighbourhood reap the benefit of a central location with good infrastructure but relatively low rental costs.

Impressions of Walle

Quintessential Walle

Walle is an urban and cosmopolitan neighbourhood with seven sections. Utbremen was almost completely bombed out in WWII and its reconstruction was driven by building societies. The apartment complexes they built are today characteristic for Utbremen. Steffensweg is the smallest section of Walle, and has its highest population density. Because of its proximity to the harbour, this area was also heavily bombed in the war. Row houses built after 1945 characterise this section, which also includes the Waller Wied with its six streets and tiny row houses - known locally as "Heimatviertel" (Home District). Abutting the section of Steffensweg is the Überseestadt, a former port district that today is one of the biggest urban development projects of Europe. Old storage facilities and structures are flanked by modern city lofts, creating an interesting architectural mix. The infrastructure in the section of Westend is good, with supermarkets, small shops, pubs, snack bars and a weekly market. There are rotating art exhibitions at the Galerie des Westens (Gallery of the West). On the Waller Heerstraße, the 235-metre high TV tower reigns supreme. Also called "Walle Spargel" (Walle Asparagus), the tower isn’t open to the public - for several years now, a Peregrine falcon couple use the quiet of the high location to build their nest. The section of Walle lies at the heart of the same-named neighbourhood and, in addition to an ice-skating rink, swimming pool, cemetery, Waller Park, and the shopping mall Walle-Center, also offers culture. The Blaumeier-Atelier, an inclusive arts project, well known beyond the Bremen’s borders, has its seat here. Small row houses and Old-Bremen houses can be found in the tranquil Osterfeuerberg section. The Kulturhaus Walle offers diverse exhibitions and workshops. The neighbourhood library is found under its roof as well as the Musikschule (Music School). The section of Hohweg is mostly commercial but also has the largest area of connected allotments in the west of Bremen with many lovely, idyllic gardens.

Not to Be Missed in Walle

Data and Facts

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30.889 (Stand 12/2019)

Surface Area:

12,238 km²


Utbremen, Steffensweg, Westend, Walle, Osterfeuerberg, Hohweg, Überseestadt



Public Transportation

Bus Routes:

2, 3 and 10

Tram Lines:

20, 26 and 28

Night Lines:


Bremen Überseestadt

Überseestadt Bremen

Facts and figures, news, offers, property and more

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Ortsamt West - District Management

If you have any requests, comments or complaints about your neighbourhood, please contact the Ortsamt West - District Management. Weiterlesen

Good to Know!

Walle has a first-class public transportation connection to the city centre and most of other the neighbourhoods that lie on the right side of the Weser. And, the number 26 bus can be taken for a little city sightseeing tour! First it goes through the neighbourhoods of Walle and Findorff, then it passes the Bürgerpark on its way to the Central Train Station, and then drives on in the direction of the Weser. Enjoy the picturesque view of the river while driving over the Bürgermeister-Smidt Bridge. On the other side of the Weser, it drives all the way through Neustadt to the depot in Huckelriede. From there it’s just a short walk to the Werdersee!

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