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Reihenhäuser in der Vahr
The Union of Urban and Green Space

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The Vahr is Bremen’s youngest neighbourhood and was considered a model city planning project in the 1960s. In response to housing shortages, the concept was to enable all age groups and households to live together in a green, urban, and easy-to-reach area. Although since that time it has been notorious as a socially troubled area, the imposing block towers are once again the centre of life for young families and migrants with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Impressions of Vahr

Quintessential Vahr

The Vahr is made up of four sections. With the publication of Sven Regner’s novel, "Neue Vahr Süd", which was later made into a television movie, it has become known beyond Bremen’s borders. The neighbourhood is marked by its diversity. While the section of Gartenstadt Vahr is very green and has a large amount of garden allotments, the sections of Neue Vahr Nord, Neue Vahr Südwest, and Neue Vahr Südost are marked by an urban character: Imposing apartment complexes and wide streets built for car travel dominate. The green spaces and the Vahrer See (Lake) are like secret oases in the urban landscape.

Not to be Missed in the Vahr

Good to Know!

The long-time residents of the neighbourhood call themselves "Vahraonen" and even today express their pride in having found a place in this "model of urban living", so in demand at the time. Some residents are even featured in the suspenseful radio drama-Tatort 42 (Crime Scene 42) on Radio Bremen - in the figurative sense, of course. Police Headquarters are in the Vahr and, unusual for such a metropolitan area, a golf centre is located here.

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