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Blick auf die Ochtum in Bremen Strom, an einem Steg liegt ein Boot, blauer Himmel
Life on the Ochtum

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Right at the edge of Bremen lies the small neighborhood of Strom. Here on the Ochtum River, the living is idyllic and at one with nature. The village centre stretches six kilometres along the Stromer Landerstraße, where 450 Bremen residents live. Because the fields around the Ochtum are protected, second house rows are rarely built in Strom. That means an uninterrupted view of nature can be appreciated from practically every window. The vast amount of protected natural area makes Strom an ideal spot for cycling tours and walks.

Impressions of Strom

Quintessential Strom

Even though the big city isn’t too far away, Strom has a rural character. Great importance is placed on community here - from the volunteer fire department or the sports club, everyone knows everyone else in this neighbourhood.

Because of where it lies and the still active farming industry, the structure of Strom is very much like that of a small village. For its residents, the feeling of community is very important. Everyone knows everyone, whether it be from the volunteer fire department or the bike- and sports club. The community is strengthened through the shared activities and the festivals that they celebrate together.

Unfortunately, since Strom hasn’t got a built-up infrastructure, the residents must drive to a nearby neighbourhood to do their shopping. And because of its isolated location, the bus only comes once an hour. But you don’t have to leave the village to buy the little necessities - at farm shops or simply at the farmer’s down the road, you can find homemade bread, super fresh milk, and other local produce.

If you decide to move to the idyllic Strom, you should be mobile and love the quiet life.

Not to be Missed in Strom

Good to Know!

The "village" on the Ochtum is very much marked by its active agricultural production and yet the industrial is not far away. The GVZ (Güterverkehrszentrum) lies north of the neighbourhood, with 150 companies employing around 8,000 people. Within the neighbourhoods of Strom and Seehausen, the site covers over 472 hectares, making it the largest cargo transportation centre in Germany. Europe’s biggest high-bay storage provider, the BLG Logisitc Group is located here. Because so many Bremen residents had to drive along the Stromer Landstraße to get to work, the A281 was built to alleviate traffic.

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