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The Viertel

Blick auf die von der Sonne beschienen Sielwall-Kreuzung
Culture, pubs, culinary delights and plenty of shopping

Quelle: WFB / Jonas Ginter

Behind Weserdeich, the districts of Ostertor and Steintor combine to form what locals simply call “the quarter” (das Viertel). Just a stone’s throw from Bremen city centre, this popular and vibrant quarter has a colourful artistic and cultural scene, plenty of pubs and bars, independent shops, a wide range of restaurants and cafés, and many pretty examples of typical Bremen houses.

Culture at its best

The Viertel starts at Wallanlagen Park and immediately offers up culture en masse. The Kunsthalle art gallery, the Gerhard Marcks House, the Wilhelm Wagenfeld House and Bremen Theatre all line up one after the other, showcasing outstanding exhibitions and a wide range of opera, dance and theatre. There are also many smaller studios and creative projects in Ostertor and Steintor. The Cinema Ostertor and the Schauburg with their eclectic cinema programme and welcoming bars are also worth a visit.

Figur von Paula Becker Modersohn vor der Kunsthalle, blauer Himmel

Kunsthalle Bremen

Quelle: JUA privat

Mann bei der Bildhauerei


Quelle: WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH/T. Vankann

Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus. Das schöne Museum in weiß.

Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus

Quelle: Jens Weyers


Some theatres are also located in this quarter.

Quelle: bremen.online GmbH/JUA

Strolling and shopping

The many small shops and boutiques are a particular standout feature of the Viertel. From fair-trade fashion, jewellery and stationery to shoes, household goods and cosmetics, you’re sure to find anything your heart desires in this vibrant quarter. Including the odd special find. You can also look forward to a real culinary adventure. More than 300 cosy cafés, bars and pubs, smaller bistros and restaurants serving international cuisine, delicatessens and a wide variety of grocery stores will spoil your taste buds.

Ein Pärchen beim Schaufenster-Bummel


Visit the different shopping districts in Bremen.

Quelle: Katharina Müller

Blick auf die Fassade des Cafés "Coffee Corner" am Sielwall im Viertel.

Culinary Bremen

Good food and good times

Quelle: bremen.online /JUA

Immerse yourself in the nightlife

Night owls will come into their own in the Viertel. A whole host of cocktail bars and hip and trendy pubs are waiting to be discovered, and there are smaller clubs where you can dance the night away. But no matter whether you’re propping up the bar, hitting the dancefloor or sipping on an elegant cocktail, no night on the tiles in the Viertel is complete without a rollo, a rolled-up, stuffed flatbread invented in Bremen.

Das Papp in der Abendstimmung.

Bar meets Culture

Live music, readings and other cultural events in bars

Quelle: WFB/Jens Lehmkühler

Eine Diskokugel

Bremen for night owls

Quelle: bremen.online GmbH/ Foto: kbu

Impressions from the Viertel

Public transport

2, 3, 10
Night tram:

Logo Interessengemeinschaft "Das Viertel" e.V.


Marktplatz mit fahrender Straßenbahn

Out and about in Bremen

Quelle: privat/ Katharina Bünn

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