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Flower and plant shops in Bremen

Verschiedene Pflanzen stehen in Blumenkübel und auf kleinen Tischen vor einer grünen Wand.
Plant shops, accessories and swap meet

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Would you like a tropical flair or a jungle look? Whether you're looking for unusual houseplants, flower decorations, seed swaps or garden accessories - Bremen has plenty to offer to make your plant heart beat faster. Get a piece of nature into your own four walls with our tips and make yourself really comfortable!

1 Two Greens

In the heart of the viertel district, Nina Fischer provides you with unusual houseplants in her shop Two Greens. Whether monsteras, calatheas, stationery or macramé - the concept store provides you with everything to do with plants. In addition, there is a portion of inspiration and a sympathetic ear.

Inhaberin Nina lehnt am Tresen und blickt nach draußen. Um sie herum stehen verschiedene Pflanzen.

Quelle: Two Greens

1 Blumen Stelter

The garden centre with its own nursery attaches particular importance to horticultural and floristic advice in addition to the large selection. At Blumen Stelter in Schwachhausen you can buy bedding and balcony plants as well as cut flowers, green plants and sophisticated floristry for every occasion. The freshly delivered flowers come from regional producers and are lovingly arranged for you. You can also order them from the garden centre's online shop.

Ein Laden von außen. Davor stehen viele bunten Blumen und eine große Laterne.


Ein Laden von innen. Verschiedene Blumensträuße stehen auf einer Anrichte. Dahinter stehen bunte Blumentöpfe im Regal.


1 Gärtnerei im Suhrfelde

The nursery in Hemelingen supplies you with balcony plants, perennials, herbs and vegetable plants. You can also expect seasonal decorations and home-made products from the Bremen workshops, such as candles or birdhouses. With your purchase at the nursery in Suhrfelde, you are actively supporting people with disabilities who receive appropriate employment through Martinshof.

Eine Frau steht in einer grünen Schürze in einem Gewächshaus. Um sie herum sind bunte Pflanzen.

Quelle: Werkstatt Bremen

1 Blumen Timm

For more than 85 years, the traditional company Blumen Timm has been supplying our Hanseatic city with all kinds of cut flowers and living room plants. The florist also produces bouquets for every occasion. In addition to various weekly markets, you can browse through the green assortment at four locations in Bremen and be enchanted by the fragrances or have the fair trade flowers conveniently delivered to your home.

Der Blumenladen von außen. Es stehen verschiedene Blumen davor.


Der Blick in den Laden. An der linken Seite stehen verschiedene Blumenbouquets.


1 floraldesign

At floraldesign in Schwachhausen, you'll find floral beauties, unusual houseplants and various decorative items. The outdoor area offers plenty of inspiration and invites you to stroll and relax. Let the team advise you and create individual flower arrangements or decorative glasses for every occasion.

Der Laden von außen. Davor stehen runde Büsche und ein Tannenbaum auf dem Dach.

Quelle: WFB - LFI

1 Gartenfachhandel Otto G. Balder

Whether seeds, birdhouses, pest controllers or tools - the traditional company Otto G. Balder on the edge of Bremen's city centre supplies you with products for your plants. Since 1792, the shop has been offering expert advice on everything to do with gardens. Here you can also find home and garden accessories or the classic garden gnome.

Das Geschäft von außen. Es stehen verschiedene Blumentöpfe, Vogelhäuse rund Harken davor.


Das Traditionsunternehmen Otto G. Balder mit verschiedenen Gartenartikeln. Tontöpfe, Harken, Sparten und mehr Geräte sind dort zu erkennen.


1 Gartencenter Fleur

On 2500 square metres, the Fleur garden centre offers you a large selection for your garden or home jungle. In addition to garden plants, you can also buy all kinds of houseplants, cachepots, fertilisers and decorations in Hemelingen. The range changes weekly. Afterwards, you can round off your visit in the coffee corner and admire and enjoy the greenery around you.

Das Gartencenter von außen. Einkaufswagen stehen davor.


Rote und pinke Blumen stehen auf einem Tisch. Im Hintergrund sind noch mehr Pflanzen zu sehen.


1 Seed exchange

In order to maintain plant diversity, the urban gardeners of 'Ab geht die Lucie' organise a seed exchange for you every year. You bring your seeds with you and they are collected on a table. You can then take some of the seeds that others have brought with you in small, homemade bags. The swap meet takes place every year at a different location in Bremen.

Ein Rundumblick über das Gelände eines öffentlichen Gartens in der Stadt. Eine Girlande flattert im Wind.

Quelle: WFB/LPE

1 Flowers from the Wallanlagen Park

Just in time for the beginning of spring, the green space in front of the mill on the Wallanlagen is transformed into a colourful sea of flowers. Orange, lilac, yellow and white horned violets and other spring plants blossom in the ramparts just in time for Easter. With the change to summer flower planting, there is a great opportunity for you every year: at the end of May, the Umweltbetrieb Bremen will give away the spring plants to you. You can then dig them up yourself. Before that, however, digging up the flowers is forbidden!

Bepflanzung der Wiese vor der Wallmühle


Mühle am Wall mit einem üppig bepflanzten, weitläufigen Beet davor.


1 Lesumer Blumenladen

Are you looking for a floral eye-catcher or a floral thank you? The Lesum flower shop will cater to your wishes and put together a bouquet for every occasion. The florists are inspired by the seasons and incorporate them into their creations. The flower shop focuses on sustainable flowers and plants from the Bremen area. You can also get help with planting your balcony or garden here.

Ein Laden von außen. Davor stehen bunte Blumenkübel und auf der rechten Seite stecken in einer Pflanze die Bremer Stadtmusikanten aus Messing.

Quelle: Michael Lotz

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