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Winter in Bremen

Eine Straßenbahn fährt am schneebedeckten Marktplatz vorbei; Quelle: WFB/Hellmann
Plenty of Fun and Enjoyment to be had in the Colder Months!

Quelle: WFB/Hellmann

The days are shorter, the temperatures are dropping – winter has come to Bremen. Christmas will be here soon, which means we can look forward to the Christmas market and the magic of the Schlachte-Zauber. The frosty air also brings the Kohlfahrt (kale-outing) season. Experience a wonderful wintertime in Bremen!

Christmas Market in Bremen

Every year Bremen unpacks its beautiful Christmas ornaments: Lights, booths, and the scent of candles make a city stroll a delight for all the senses.

Quelle: WFB - T. Vankann

Schlachte Magic on the Weser

The air is scented with burning wood, roasted fare and spices. And in the medieval wooden huts, you can enjoy some mead or fruit wine while watching the crafts men and women at their work.

Quelle: bremen.online GmbH - bko - www.flickr.com/photos/bkodenkt

The Eiswette (Ice Wager)

Every 6 January is the traditional testing of the Weser River to see "of de Werser geiht or steiht:" That’s Low German for "Whether the Weser gives or stays."

Quelle: Michael Bahlo

Sixdays Bremen

In January cycling fans from all over Germany will gather at ÖVB Arena. At Bremen’s Sixdays participants ride on a circular track, sweeping observers up in a rush of speed. The excitement continues with a diverse fringe events.

Quelle: Sixdays Bremen / M. Heckel

Samba Carnival

Every winter you can hear happy drumming in Bremen’s city center – with colorful costumes and rhythmic beats the Hansa town celebrates Europe’s largest samba carnival in January.

Quelle: Initiative Bremer Karneval e.V. / Norbert A. Müller

The Schaffermahlzeit

The Bremen Schaffermahl banquet has been taking place for almost 500 years, making it one of the oldest traditions in all of Germany. The banquet where the captains of commerce, shipping, industry and politics come together to share a meal and converse – following rules that have remained practically unchanged after all these years – will be held again in February 2020.

Quelle: Senatskanzlei, Pressestelle

Personen beim Rodeln

Our Advent Calendar Begins

Our yearly advent calendar begins! A door will open every day from 1-24 December. Wonderful surprises from Bremen companies await you behind each one. With a little luck, one of them might be yours!

Quelle: WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH/T. Vankann

Mit dem Ruderboot auf den Kanälen lässt sich die Ruhe und Idylle des Bürgerparks am besten genießen.

Gift Ideas for Lovers

Thoughtfulness is Romantic

Quelle: WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH/T. Vankann

Ein Geländewagen auf der Teststrecke: Das rechte Vorderrad hängt in der Luft.

Event Gift Cards

Action, Culture, Restaurants and More

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