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Stadtwerder and Lake Werdersee

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A popular place to get out in the fresh air right next to the city centre.

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Whether for joggers, walkers, swimmers or for numerous activities on the water - the Stadtwerder and Lake Werdersee are always worth a visit. Both are just 15 minutes' walking distance from the market square. The central location and around 54.5 hectares of lake surface and excellent water quality offer the best conditions for local recreation by and in the water.

The Stadtwerder

It takes just 15 minutes to walk from the market square to the Stadtwerder green oasis. Whether it's cycling, inline skating, jogging or sunbathing on the beach - you'll get your money's worth here. In summer, the meadows around the Werdersee invite you to have a barbecue. At three barbecue sites and on the large sunbathing lawn, you can grill whatever you have in your cool bag. You can reach the island not only via bridges, but also with the Sielwall ferry, which takes you directly to the neighbourhood.

Origins of the Stadtwerder

It has many names, the Stadtwerder. The locals like to call it Werderinsel or simply Werder, which means "river island". The peninsula on the Weser is about six kilometres long. It is situated at the height of Neustadt and stretches as far as Habenhausen.

In the past, the people of Bremen used the Werder as a grazing area for their cattle. Today, in addition to recreational areas and allotments, you can discover the "Umgedrehte Kommode" (Bremen's oldest water tower), Café Sand with a Weser beach, the DGzRS (German Maritime Search and Rescue Service), the Nautical College and the Museum Weserburg for contemporary art on the peninsula.


If you take a closer look, the Werdersee is not a lake at all. Rather, it is a separated tributary of the Weser, which is fed with water from the river via an intake and serves to drain flood waters. Created between 1952 and 1958, the Werdersee is Bremen's first and largest recreational lake.

On nice summer days, Bremen residents like to relax on the north-facing, coarse-grained sandy beach right next to the bathing bay. The cool waters of the Werdersee provide welcome refreshment. Even non-swimmers can cool off in a separate area, with DLRG staff always keeping an eye on the goings-on in and around the water. There are also jetties at the bathing bay where you can put your sports equipment, such as standup paddle boards, into the water.

Dikes and Meadows for Recreation and Exercise

On a sunbathing lawn adjacent to the beach, large trees provide numerous shady spots. Extensive meadows also invite you to relax away from the sandy beach. However, reeds in the shore area make access to the water a little difficult from here. Visitors to the lake enjoy strolling, skating, cycling or jogging along the kilometre-long dyke promenade along the water, while children romp on the playgrounds.

Ein Weg führt am Werdersee entlang. Auf der rechten Seite säumen bunt gefärbte Blätter den Weg.

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A Place for Rowing, Canoeing and Fishing

The Werdersee is often used as a rowing course or for canoeing. The highlight is the annual " Große Bremer Ruderregatta" (Great Bremen Rowing Regatta). Accordingly, there is a slipway for boats as well as places for fishing. You can also hire a stand-up paddle board from the SUP station INS BLAUE and explore Lake Werder from the water. Make sure that you only put your sports equipment in the water at the appropriate jetties to protect nature.

Einige junge Menschen stehen auf Stand-Up-Paddling-Boards.

© Jonas Ginter

Everything you Need in Sight

At Werdersee you can barbecue to your heart's content at designated areas. Sanitary facilities are on site, as is a snack bar. Thanks to the proximity to the city centre, numerous cafés and restaurants are not far away. Parking is available near the restauerant Kuhhirte. You will find litter bins in numerous places around the Werdersee, so please remember to throw your rubbish away or take it back with you and be considerate of nature and people so that the Werdersee remains a place of local recreation.

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