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Iconic Pubs in Bremen

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The right pub for every taste! Whether rustic or trendy, with our overview you'll find the right bar for passionate pub crawlers.

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Do you fancy a cosy beer at the bar or are you in the mood for an extensive bar chat with rustic originals? No problem! In Bremen's most popular pubs you can enjoy relaxed evenings in a casual atmosphere, have a cold drink and end the day on a good note. Cheers!

Das Bermuda-Dreieck: Iconic pubs almost door to door

Between Capri-Bar and Bermuda, Heartbreak Hotel and Rum Bumper's, no planes have disappeared yet, but many bar-goers will have already disappeared here. The Bermuda Triangle is just inside the Steintor, not far from the Sielwall corner in the Viertel, and invites thirsty Bremen residents to relax with a cold drink. If you have the opportunity in summer, you can also enjoy your evening in front of the cult pubs and snack on the pizza rolls from Corona if you're not too hungry.

Nächtliche Aufnahme zeigt Kneipen im "Bermuda Dreieck"

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Cult pub in the cellar: The Lemans in Feldstraße

For some an orange-lit cellar, for others a down-to-earth basement smoking pub in Bremen. At Lemans in Feldstraße you can spend cosy evenings and long nights. Of course, there are regular football broadcasts here when SV Werder Bremen is playing. In summer, you can enjoy your drinks at the outdoor tables in front of the pub instead of at the bar.

Blick auf eine Kneipe

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An Irish pub with cult character: The Hegarty's

Pub quizzes, sports broadcasts, strong Irish drinks, live music and chatty people at the counter: Hegarty's is a classic Irish pub, centrally located in the Viertel on Wulwesplatz. The bus stop in front of the door makes it easy for you to get home, while the relaxed mood and a hopefully relaxed evening in a companionable atmosphere will make it hard for you to say goodbye.

Die Fassade des Irish Pub Hegarty's am Ostertorsteinweg mit grün-goldenem Namensschild

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Regular pub with brittle charm: The Eisen

This Werder hotspot on Sielwall is an absolute cult. Whether you go through the Eisen baptism or get confused by the mirror that makes the guest room look much bigger, evenings at the Eisen are actually always memorable. But be careful when you go in search of the toilets! The steep stairs to the cellar have often proved too ambitious for drunk people...

Ein Kneipenschild vor blauem Himmel

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It doesn't get more rustic than this: Spitzen Gebel

On the outskirts of Böttcherstraße and close to the market square lies this cult pub, which used to be a piano carrier's house. The characteristic pointed gable gives its name to this rustic pub, where you can spend your evening into the night in an iconic atmosphere.

The Little Mary's in Schnoor

In Bremen's oldest quarter, you can of course also enjoy your cold drink in a dignified ambience. At Little Mary's, it's not just the snappy slogans on the sign outside the door that are inviting, but also the regular sports broadcasts, which include rugby. You can quench your thirst and have deep conversations in a convivial atmosphere at this cult pub.

Bunte kleine Häuser reihen sich an einem Platz aneinander.

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Auszeit in Neustadt

Need a break from the daily grind? Then this cult pub in Neustadt is the place for you! Here you can spend your time in a cosy atmosphere with nice conversations and cool drinks. To get into a good conversation, you can prove your talent at the table football.

Where time passes far too quickly: The Uhr

Here, the chronometer is turned vigorously. Relaxed evenings fly by in the "Uhr" in Peterswerder with good drinks and nice conversations. This pub is not a rustic place, but if you ask the locals, they will certainly call it a "cult pub".

Cult pub in the north of Bremen: The Fährhaus in Vegesack

This iconic pub has sprung up in the vicinity of the former herring handling plant in Vegesack. This is where people of all ages from the north of Bremen come together for social gatherings. You can spend relaxed evenings in the down-to-earth guest room and in good weather the outdoor area invites you to enjoy yourself.

Blick in einen urigen Gastraum einer Kneipe

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Find your favourite pub in Bremen:

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