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Dancing and Partying

A crowd is dancing, with their hands in the air.
"Carpe noctem - make the most of the night" - the people of Bremen don't need to be told twice! Pick your party location from our introductions.

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From trendy clubs to large-scale discos, Bremen offers a number of options for all party animals who like to dance the night away. Whether you belong to the younger generation or have been part of the party scene for a while, we have put together a few locations for your night out.

1 Modernes

Friday is the night of either the 2000s Party or "Freaky Friday". On Saturday you can look forward to the " Tanznacht" (Dance Night). Or how about one of the legendary 90s parties? Everyone gets their money's worth at Modernes. The dance club also hosts concerts of various genres.

Eine Außenaufnahme vom Modernes am Abend. Über dem Eingang leuchten die weißen Großbuchstaben "Modernes".

Das Modernes am Abend.

Quelle: MODERNES Kultkonzept GmbH

1 Tower Musikclub

The nights are long and the weekend is definitely too short, so students and anyone else in the mood to party can enjoy Tower Musikclub on Student Tuesday. The trendy club attracts with its quirky dress codes, headphone parties and hip concerts.

Tanzende Menschen im Tower in Bremen

Partynacht im Tower


1 Aladin Music Hall

For all partygoers over 30 and 40, the Aladin Music Hall is the first place to go. But the Aladin has even more to offer. From " Zirkus Elektro" to alternative genres in the adjoining Tivoli, there's sure to be something for you.

Das hellgelbe Gebäude der Aladin Music Hall von außen.

Die Diskothek und Konzertstätte Aladin Music Hall.

Quelle: Aladin Bremen

1 NFF Club

"NFF - Nur für Freunde" (Only for Friends) - that's the motto of the NFF Club. You can party here until the early hours to the finest house and electro beats by the hottest DJs in the city and all of Europe. Maybe you'll become a friend too!

Der NFF Club in der Bremer Innenstadt

Der NFF Club in der Bremer Innenstadt

Quelle: WFB/LLI

1 MS Treue - The Clubship

Directly on the Osterdeich you enter one of Bremen's special party locations: Normally, parties and concerts take place regularly on board the MS Treue. In addition to weekly concerts, electronic music in particular is on the nightly programme.

Ein Blick vom Weserufer auf die Weser. Vorne rechts im Bild liegt das grüne Schiff MS Treue, auf dem regelmäßig Veranstaltungen und Partys stattfinden.

Die MS Treue an der Weser.

Quelle: WFB - LS

1 Liberty Club Terrace

Located directly on Hillmannplatz, Liberty delivers RnB, hip hop and house beats to partygoers. Due to its direct location at the main train station, this party location is not only easy to reach by public transport, but also around the corner from many other clubs.

Eine Außenaufnahme des Eingangs am Hillmannplatz. Über dem Eingang steht in großen Buchstaben "Liberty".

Das Liberty am Hillmannplatz.

Quelle: WFB - JMA

1 La Viva

La Viva is the place to be for those who like to party a little fancier. At the "Bacardi Mojito Night" on Friday, with free admission for students, or the "Club Night" on Saturday, all dance enthusiasts from 21 onwards can experience an evening in a special location.

Die Diskothek La Viva in Bremen

Die Diskothek La Viva in Bremen

Quelle: WFB/SSC

1 Römer

After a break of almost a year, the club has reopened its doors and offers fans of electronic music a place to go. Take a look and see the " neuen Römer" for yourself, after the new operators have turned the premises upside down, renovated and refurbished them.

1 Shagall

"Crossover Club", "Time Wrap", "Depeche Mode Party",... - the Shagall offers a wide range of event series. The DJs in the cult club leave out no genre from pop to metal.

1 Lila Eule

Everyone who has ever been through the neighbourhood knows it - the Lila Eule. Almost everything is being offered here, from study parties to hip-hop concerts. As long as it's casual.

Discos and clubs in Bremen

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