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Ein Wohnhaus im Ortsteil Sodenmatt
Diversity and Green Spaces

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Huchting lies left of the Weser River, directly on the border to Lower Saxony. Huchting has a great deal of local recreational areas as well as diverse building styles: High rises and single-family houses stand here, farms, that serve as a reminder of when the neighbourhood was just a small village, as well as industrial areas. The residents are diverse as well - compared to the Bremen average, there are more seniors, but also more children under 18, living here.

Impressions of Huchting

Wolfskuhlenpark at Huchting

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Farmer's Market at Huchting

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The Sodenmattsee

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Park Links der Weser

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Quintessential Huchting

The sections of Kirchhuchting, Mittelshuchtingand Sodenmatt, which all lie west of the Ochtum River, create the core of Huchting. Somewhat at a distance from the city centre, the flats here are relatively inexpensive. But despite the distance, a tram line provides good public transportation. Things look different in Grolland: Separated from the other sections of Huchting by the Ochtum River, as well as the B75 highway, even the social structure is different here. Originally a working-class neighbourhood for employees of the Focke-Wulf factories, Grolland, just north of the Park links der Weser, has become a favourite place for well-situated residents of Bremen to live.

In addition to its local recreational areas such as the Park links der Weser and the Sodenmattsee lake, Hutching has a range of shopping possibilities. The Rolandcenter - the unofficial centre of the neighbourhood - has around 100 shops as well as restaurants and cafés. Fresh fruit and vegetables from local farms are available at the two weekly markets, and international fare can be found at speciality shops.

Not to be Missed in Huchting

The Green Heart of Huchting

The Sondenmattsee lake and the surrounding park create the geographical centre of the neighbourhood. In the summertime - with its playgrounds, ping-pong tables, and barbeque area - it’s the perfect place to have a swim and relax.

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The Largest Park in Bremen

Those who find a walk around the Sodenmattsee lake is not enough, can take an extended hike through the Park Links the Weser, from Kirchhuchting over the Ochtum River into Grolland. The hiking trail goes through pastures, forest islands, and marshlands.

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Where Teacup Pigs and Donkeys bid each other Good Night

The Stadtteilfarm Huchting (Neigbhourhood Farm Huchting) is a governmental children and youth project, but people of all ages can visit the farm and meet the animals and perhaps, even new people.

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Shopping in the Roland Center

When the Roland Center was built in the 1970s, it was Germany’s first indoor shopping mall. Today it is the unofficial centre of Huchting. Around 100 shops provide the residents of Huchting and the surrounding neighbourhoods with all the everyday-items they need. The building has a neighbourhood branch of the library on its upper floor, and on Sundays flea markets are held. In the winter, the ice rink set up in front of the entrance draws a crowd, especially children.

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Modern Architecture

Completed in 1971, the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Church in Mittelshuchting from the Bremen architect Carsten Schröck and was initially quite controversial due to its unusual modern design.

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Celebrating Together

Every year on the last Saturday before the summer school holidays, local government, neighbourhood clubs, and Huchting group initiatives, throw a party called the Sodenmattseefest. There’s music on stage, a fun and creative programme for kids, and plenty of cake, ice cream, and sausage to enjoy.

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Good to Know!

Lie down in the Ochtum Meadows near the flight path of the Bremen airport and look up at the sky. In the autumn and spring you can see huge colonies of geese flying by, and at any time of the year: Planes from underneath!

Ein kleines Flugzeug startet am Bremer Flughafen

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