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Where Nature Meets Technology

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The neighbourhood of Horn-Lehe is a 20-minutes tram ride away from the city centre. It is characterized by mostly single family houses with gardens, but there are also a number of student dormitories because it’s close to the university. Additionally, there are some new developments that are multifamily dwellings. Subsequently, the residents here are as diverse as the housing-families with children, students, and seniors feel at home in Horn-Lehe, surely due in no small part to the fact that the area has an abundance of greenery. Lovely parks and a nature reserve offer lots of space to jog, walk, or just get outside in the fresh air.

Impressions of Horn-Lehe

Quintessential Horn-Lehe

The pearl of the green-spaces in Horn-Lehe is the Rhododendron-Park, where a unique collection of Rhododendrons and Azaleas is maintained on an area of around 46 hectares. The Marcusalle in Horn-Lehe is of interest, its opulent villas from the 18th century are a clue as to which neighbourhood has the highest average annual income in Bremen. Not only the University of Bremen is here, but also the Technologiepark; Bremen’s centre for innovation and technology, where numerous businesses and research institutes are housed. But while there’s a lot going on in this part of the neighbourhood, the section of Lehesterdeich is much quieter. In this more rural area, you’ll chiefly find residential buildings and even working farms.

Not to Be Missed in Horn-Lehe

Data and Facts

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26.469 (Stand 12/2019)

Surface Area:

14.038 km²





Public Transportation

Tram Lines:
4 and 6
Bus Lines:
21, 22, 28, 31, 33/34
Night Lines:
N3, N4

Local Office Horn-Lehe

If you have any requests, comments or complaints about your neighbourhood, please contact the Horn-Lehe local office. Weiterlesen

Good to Know!

Around 23,000 people study, teach, research, and work at the University of Bremen - meaning there’s always a lot going on in and around the campus. No wonder that most of the Bremen student housing can be found in the vicinity. Still, things quiet down at night in the area. But one notable exception is the weekend of the "Sommerfest Vorstraße" (Vorstaße Summer Festival) which draws students living in the other neighbourhoods of the city to the student dormitories on Vorstaße, where the residents host a festival with live bands, slams, and a party area.

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