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Hiking trails in Bremen and the surrounding area

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Beautiful hiking routes in Bremen's green surroundings

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Grab your backpacks, sturdy shoes, some snacks and set off to discover the most beautiful hiking trails in Bremen and the surrounding area. In our tips you will find some routes and areas that are worth hiking. Whether paths through moors and nature reserves or along extensive fish ponds - your hiking heart is sure to beat faster here.

1 Huntepadd

The almost seven-kilometre-long route takes you along the Hunte through the Wildeshauser Geest. You will cross an old beech forest, walk along a heath area and let your gaze glide over the impressive steep bank. On your tour, you will pass by old mounds and large stone graves and learn more about the life of the Glaner Bride. On your hike you will also discover a 1000-year-old oak tree and can take a short break at one of the many rest stops. The route starts at the old village school in Dötlingen.

1 Ahlhorner Fischteich-Weg

On the five-kilometre-long hiking trail you will cross the north-western pond area of the Wildeshauser Geest. On the long sandy paths you can admire gnarled old oaks and let your gaze wander over the various ponds. An observation tower awaits you at the church pond, from which you can observe water and reed birds. If you want to extend your route, you can also make a short detour to the Wildeshauser Urwald (Wildeshausen primeval forest), which borders directly on the circular route. The route starts at the car park "Am Karpfen".

1 Neuenburger Urwald

The nature reserve between Zetel and Bockhorn offers a green home to various plant and animal species on 24 hectares. Winding paths, 800-year-old trees and an old hunting lodge await you in the midst of the flora and fauna of the Frisian south country. With the help of a junction system, all the hiking trails are linked together, so you can find your way around the green oasis even without a map. There are parking spaces on Bockhorner Straße and Urwaldstraße from where you can best start your exploration tour through the primeval forest.

1 Urwald Hasbruch

If you decide to hike in the primeval forest Hasbruch, you will be hiking on historical ground. The forest has been growing there for at least 2000 years. This makes it one of the oldest in Germany. Although today it consists almost exclusively of oaks, there are some ancient oaks that have been there for several years and are therefore considered natural monuments. On your discovery tour you will come across a twelve-metre-high wooden tower that gives you a great view over the treetops and the meadows with streams. The easiest way to get to the hiking trails is via the "Kühlingen" and "Steinberg" car parks.

1 Schönebecker Auetal

The Schönebecker Auetal with its many lawns and small forests stretches out on the edge of Vegesack. You can discover various species of birds, insects and plants on the large green area with its adjacent lake. Highlight on your hike in the north of Bremen: Schönebeck Castle. While the hiking trails lead you directly past the former castle complex, the surrounding greenery sets off the baroque building in a charming way. The historic building now houses a museum. You can access the Schönebecker Auetal between "An der Aue" and "Auf dem Krümpel" as well as via the direct entrance to the castle on the street "Im Dorfe". You can park in the adjacent streets.

Das von herbstlichen Bäumen und Büschen sowie einem Gewässer umgebene Schloss Schönebeck an einem sonnigen Herbsttag.

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1 Elsflether Sand

If you like a bit of maritime flair and a stiff breeze on your hiking trips, the Weser peninsula between the Weser and Hunte rivers is just the place for you. An extensive sandy beach, pastures and dikes await you. You will be greeted at Elsflether Sand by cows, sheep and cattle grazing on the dikes. The kilometre-long sandy beach is perfect for taking a break from hiking, admiring the passing boats or dangling your feet in the water. The seven-kilometre route starts at the "Auf dem Deich" car park.

1 Nature reserve Luneplate

The nature reserve in the heart of the fishing harbour is home to water buffalo, Galloway cattle and various bird species. You can walk along various circular routes through the extensive area in Bremerhaven, which consists mainly of marshland grassland and mudflats. On your hike you will pass pavilions, an observation tower and an observation hide from where you can best marvel at the wildlife. In the winter months, over 10,000 birds use the lune plateau as a resting and roosting place. Your tour starts at the car park at the former Lunesiel.

1 Heiligenberg Bruchhausen-Vilsen

The climatic health resort in Lower Saxony has a total of 40 km of hiking trails ready for you to explore the diverse nature and hilly landscape around Bruchhausen-Vilsen. On various routes you will discover an old monastery with a water mill, an old castle, as well as panoramic views, former sand caves and holy graves. For the way back, you can use the museum railway between May and October. The easiest way to reach your chosen route is from the car parks "Am Forsthaus" and "Am Ringwall".

1 Nordpfad Hölzerbruch-Malse

The Nordpfad in the district of Rotenburg (Wümme) was awarded the "Traumtour Wanderbares Deutschland" (Dream Tour Walkable Germany) quality trail designation in 2019. Here, flat paths lead you through large stretches of unspoilt nature. You will pass through secluded forests, marshlands and lowland streams. Walk along the still narrow Lune and Geeste rivers and discover the "Blaue Leiter" landscape and sculpture garden. If you want to extend your 13.4 km route, you can also reach a small game reserve with a petting zoo in Hipstedt. The route starts at the Hotel-Restaurant Kluster Hof in Basdahl.

1 Kulturland Teufelsmoor

North of Bremen is the Teufelsmoor nature reserve with its impressive moorland landscape. Here you can explore the Hammen lowlands and hike over the flat hills of Bremen Switzerland. On the 14-kilometre-long circular trail "The Two Moors" you can discover the diversity of this special landscape and learn more about peat cutting. Your hiking tour starts at the Oldenbüttel railway station car park and takes you to the Sandhauser Moor. In the adjacent local history museum, you can learn more about the work farmers used to do in the moor. The route then takes you to the Hamberg Moor. There you can let your gaze wander over the beautiful moor lakes and, with a bit of luck, discover iridescent dragonflies and lizards.

1 Jakobsweg Bremen

Those who walk the Route of St. James should find their way to themselves. If you also want to go on a little journey, you can do so directly in our Hanseatic city. Part of the Via Baltica pilgrimage route leads directly through Bremen. The section begins at the pilgrims' hostel in Borgfeld. On your route you will pass the Bürgerpark, go through the Friedenstunnel and reach Bremen Cathedral. There you can also pick up a pilgrim's stamp. The route then takes you out of the city via the Werdersee lake and towards Weyhe. The Bremen section ends at Bartholomäus Church in Barrien after a total of 22.91 km. Whether the section is enough to find itself is up to you.

1 Langwarder Groden

On the North Sea peninsula of Butjadingen, the four-kilometre-long circular trail stretches through the middle of the Wadden Sea. On your hike across the foreshore, you will learn more about the formation of salt marshes, the local flora and fauna and the influence of high and low tides. A long wooden bridge leads you directly over the Sieltief and into the middle of the UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. From here you can marvel at the tides and nature at close quarters. With a little luck, you may spot various migratory birds or even seals, depending on the season. Your hike starts at the Fedderwardersiel cutter harbour!

Ein Steg führt durch das Wattenmeer. Es laufen mehrere Personen darauf. An den Seiten wachsen Gräser.

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