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Aussicht auf ein Hafenbecken, im Hintergrund Industriebauten; Quelle: WFB/bremen.online - MDR
Industry and Harbours

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The "Häfen" is the only neighbourhood in Bremen that not only spans across both sides of the Weser river, but also over two cities. In addition to the harbour area of the city centre of Bremen, a section of the Überseehafen in the city of Bremerhaven belongs to the neighbourhood – even so, it remains the least populated.

Impressions of Häfen

Experience Ships close

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View of the Industrial Harbor

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Bremen's Harbor Overseas

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Discover Industrial Architecture

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Comfortable Flair at the Harbor

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Promenade at the Dock

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Harbor-Flair by the Weser

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Sunset by the Weser

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Quintessential Häfen

It’s not surprising that industry, containers, and ships are characteristic of the neighbourhood. All along the extended length of waterfront, freighters with goods are docked. Harbour romantics are in for a treat here - those up for a long walk will be rewarded with views of cranes, quays, and ships. And if you walk directly at the river’s edge, you can enjoy the thrill of having the sides of ships towering metres above your head.

Not to Be Missed in Häfen

Discover Industrial Architecture

Industry doesn’t have to be ugly, vulgar, and disruptive - it has an aesthetic of its own. In the Häfen you’ll find numerous impressive objects that you can explore on foot, with a bike or in a car. One of those is the monumental grain storage facility, built at the beginning of the 20th century and one of the biggest buildings of its kind in Europe. Parts of the object are under historical protection.

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Encounter Harbour Idyll

Whether in the Neustädter Harbour or on the headland at the end of the Kap-Horn-Straße: the Häfen is chock-full of wonderful water views and place to sit and watch spectacular sunsets. Before or after is a great chance to talk a vigorous walk through the raw landscape. 

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Shop at the Waterfront

On the site of the former AG Weser, today sits a large shopping and entertainment complex. International brands and large chain stores have stores here. There’s a spacious food court with a 25-square metre TV screen, as well as the biggest 3-D multiplex cinema in the region. With around 4,000 spots, parking is no problem, but, with its own tram stop, public transport couldn’t be more convenient. In the summer months, the terrace behind the Waterfront has wonderful views of the Weser and the harbour. 

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Rock out at Pier 2

With the striking scenery of the harbour and grain transport building in the background, some of the biggest names in show business play at Pier 2. Rock concerts, mega-parties, comedy - in the multifunctional hall, events of all kind take place. The 1,200-square metre hall has the capacity to hold 2,800 people. Information about current shows and dates can be found on the homepage of Pier2.

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Bunker Hornisse

Next to the Bunker Valentin is the never completed Bunker Hornisse, another dramatic Bremen memorial to the crimes of national socialism. It lies somewhat hidden in a side-street of the Kap-Horn-Strasse, opening directly unto the Weser. In the Bunker Hornisse U-Boats were to be produced. However, in April 1945, shortly before the end of the war, it was disbanded. In the 1960s, an office building was built on top of the Bunker. A plaque remembers the suffering of the forced labourers who were used to build the object. 

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Boat trip on the Weserfähre ferry

Every year from spring to autumn, the Weserfähre connects places in the harbour that are far away from each other when traveling overland. Get aboard on Pier 2 and sail over the Weser to the headland Lankenauer Höft. The ferry also stops in Molenturm.  Learn more about this and other Bremen ferries here.

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Good to Know!

Until 2009, this large neighbourhood was even bigger - 4.5-square metres bigger - the Handleshäfen section was once part of the neighbourhood. Now Handleshäfen belongs to the Überseestadt, which is a part of Walle. With the introduction of container shipping in the 1960s, the harbour basin of this area, built to handle piece goods, became increasing obsolete. In 1998, the Überseestadt was landfilled, laying the groundwork for a brand-new quarter. The Überseestadt is today one of Europe’s largest inner-city development areas. The area is a mixture of offices for creative business and attractive water-side apartments. 

Vogelperspektive auf eine Stadt, in der Mitte ein Fluss; Quelle: WFB/Studio B

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