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A sunflower in a front garden in a street with typical old Bremen houses in Gröpelingen.
International and Lively

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Of the three neighbourhoods in the west of Bremen, Gröpelingen is the biggest and the most populated. In the 1960s, numerous migrant workers, especially from Turkey, found work in the factories on the industrial harbour of Gröpelingen. As a result, even today the neighbourhood has many residents with a migration background. Until the 1980s, Gröpelingen was a typical working-class neighbourhood, with the Großwert AG Weser as its largest employer. The closing of the shipyard saw a decline in the housing prices. Cultural diversity and a relatively young population is characteristic of the neighbourhood today. Almost 43 percent of the residents have a migrant background and the proportion of children and youth is 18 percent higher than average.

Impressions of Gröpelingen

Quintessential Gröpelingen

Until the industrialisation of the area and building of the harbour in the 19th century, the area of Gröpelingen was rather rural. Today it is a mixture of small commercial businesses and residential streets with apartment buildings or row houses. The section of Lindenhof has good infrastructure and inexpensive housing, and has started drawing students and artists. There are numerous retail stores, dicounters and specialty shops for your daily shopping needs, as well as the Lindenhofcenter shopping mall. Most of the residents of Gröpelingen live in the section of Ohlenhof. In this quiet, residential area you can sometimes find lovely, inexpensive Old-Bremen houses. In den Wischenis the least densely populated: In the idyllic garden allotment area with lots of water canals, live only eight elderly residents (Status 12/2015). The section of Oslebshausen is one of the most culturally diverse neighbourhoods in Bremen and has very inexpensive rental prices. The species-rich Oslebshauser Park impresses with a large, old stock of trees. The correctional facility is also worth seeing. A listed, gothic building, it’s been under construction since 1871. Oslebshausen has its own train station with a fast, direct connection to the Bremen city centre.

Not to Be Missed in Gröpelingen

Good to Know!

The green path to the Bremen City: Those who live in Gröpelingen can use the Grünzug West, a "green" bike path that begins in the Oslebshausen section of Gröpelingen and - away from the busy traffic of the main streets - leads to the neighbourhood of Walle and to the Waller Park. Then there’s a short stretch on the streets of Lange Reihe and Steffensweg up to the Elisabethstraße, where the next run of green begins. The "Waller Grün" turns into the Utbremer Grün, and at that end of that, you’ve reached the Hans-Böckler-Strasse. Turn left on to the Doventorscontrecarpe, cross over the Daniel-von-Büren-Straße and you’re already at the Wallanlagen, which passes the city centre, and ends east of town in the Östliche Vorstadt.

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