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Golf Courses in and around Bremen

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Find a suitable golf course for you in or around Bremen.

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You would like to swing the club again and prove your skills? Whether you like to play a relaxing game of golf out in the open or compete with other golfers - we have put together a selection of golf courses in Bremen and the surrounding area for you.

1 Golfclub Bremer Schweiz e.V.

The golf course is located between Marsch and Geest since 2003. The 18th hole of the course has a special feature: it is located in two federal states. Depending on the course of the game, you play the last hole either on Bremen or Lower Saxony soil. The Golfclub Bremer Schweiz e.V. offers you a variety of programs ranging from trial courses to the acquirement of a golf proficiency certificate.

Drei Golfer stehen auf der grünen Anlage des Golfclubs Bremer Schweiz.

© Golf-Club Bremer Schweiz e.V.

1 Bremer Golfclub Lesmona e.V.

The tricky 18-hole golf course of the Lesmona Golf Club has a total length of 3324 meters. You can play a quick game of golf without having to spend half a day on the course. Various practice facilities are offered for golf beginners on the floodlit driving range as well as on putting, pitching and chipping green, where you can learn tips and tricks with the help of training tools. You can also bring your dog to the golf course.

Die Anlage des Golfclubs Lesmona von außen.

© Bremer Golfclub Lesmona e.V.

1 Club zur Vahr e.V.

The Club zur Vahr golf course portrays a green oasis in the heart of the city. The small course has nine holes and invites you to play a quick game of golf. The traditional type of sport is one of the most popular one at the club. There are several opportunities for each age group to practice their golf skills.

Die Fahne des Golfclubs zur Vahr markiert das Hole.

© Club zur Vahr e.V.

1 Achimer Golfclub e.V.

The Achimer Golfclub is based in the south of Bremen. The 125-hectare golf course is located in a natural setting and offers a round of 18 holes. Trees, natural streams of waters, bunkers and lakes challenge your golf skills. The golf course has been awarded a "Golf & Nature in GOLD" certificate.

Die Golfanlage in Achim aus der Vogelperspektive

© Achimer Golfclub e.V.

1 Golf in Hude e.V.

The golf course in Hude is open all year round. The 18-hole golf course welcomes its members and golfers who have a license to play. Golf newbies can improve their skills on the public 9- and 7-hole course. After the game you can enjoy the rest of the day in the café and bistro of the club called "EssZimmer am See".

Die Golfanlage in Hude von außen.

© Golf in Hude

1 Golfclub Syke e.V.

Due to the elevated location and the sandy subsoil, golfing at the Syke Golfclub is possible all year round. Surrounded by forests you can prove your skills on 27 holes. In addition to the golf school and trial courses, the club also offers a wide range of activities to young people. After the game you can enjoy a drink in the restaurant "Brasserie Clubhaus".

Zu sehen ist das Clubhaus der Golfanlage Syke direkt am Wasserloch.

© Stefan von Stengel/Golfclub Syke

1 Golfclub Lilienthal e.V.

The golf course of the Lilienthal Golfclub is surrounded by moorland on the outskirts of Bremen. Since 2004 golfers can swing their golf clubs on the course. The club places great importance on the integration of children and young people with physical disabilities. The aim of the project is to cooperate with special needs schools in the region in order to introduce physically handicapped students to golf.

Die Sonne scheint auf das Wasserloch auf dem Gelände des Golfclubs Lilienthals.

© Golfclub Lilienthal e.V.

1 Golfclub Bremerhaven Geestemünde

The 18-hole golf course is based in the midst of the seaside town. The layout of the course follows common golf strategic principles; thus, players can choose to play aggressively or defensively. The club offers individual and group courses. Practicing independently on the golf course is also possible. Thanks to the floodlights, practice facilities can be used until 9:00 p.m. during winter months.

Die Golfanlage in Bremerhaven aus der Vogelperspektive

© Oliver Kremer

1 Golfplatz Garlstedt

The golf course in Garlstedt belongs to the Golfclub zur Vahr. The course is located near Osterholz-Scharmbeck and can be used by golf players who are in possession of a DGV-card (Deutscher Golf Verband = German Golf Association) and a registered handicap of 36. From Tuesday to Sunday, you can enjoy fish and meat dishes in the restaurant of the club.

Drei Golfer ziehen ihre Taschen über die Anlage in Garlstedt

© Club zur Vahr e.V.

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