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Free and Outdoors

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Tips for free, outdoor fun throughout the year in Bremen

Quelle: bremen.online GmbH / Dennis Siegel

Under the title “Free and Outdoors” we’ve collected the recreational activities in Bremen with exactly those qualities. The offerings include open-air concerts, music and street festivals, nature, playgrounds, and cultural events – all free-of-charge and outdoors.

Bremer Karneval

The festival being celebrated in Bremen is unusual – Bremen isn’t close to any of the areas where Carnival is celebrated in Germany. And then, it’s a samba carnival – not in Rio but in Northern Germany? Yes, every year, usually in February, the Bremen Karneval has rapid samba percussion beats and wonderfully colorful costumes. Join in with the celebration on the streets, free of charge.

Tanzende Frau im blauen Kostüm beim Karneval.

Quelle: dpa

Parks and Green Spaces

There are 2,311 hectares of green space in the parks and gardens around Bremen, where you can catch some rays of sun and not be a penny poorer. A special highlight is the show of flowers from April to the end of May in the Rhododendronpark, which has no admission fee.

Im Vordergrund die Blüte eines Rhododendrons, im Hintergrund der Rhododendronpark.

Quelle: privat / JUA

Bremen Skate Night

On the first Tuesday of the month in the spring and summer, Bremen skaters ride through the night. The Bremen Skate Night runs from May to September and has various fringe events. Just put on your skates, go the meeting point and join the fun free of charge.

Auf die Rollen, fertig, los - Bei der Happy Skate Night wird ganz Bremen zur Inliner-Bahn.

Quelle: WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH/T. Vankann

Vegesacker Hafenfest

In Bremen North, they block off the first week of June in their calendars every year – that’s when the traditional Vegesack Harbor Festival takes place. All around the Museumshaven in Vegesack, there are culinary offerings and three stages of free music.

Vegesacker Hafenbecken

Quelle: bremen.online GmbH/ Foto: Dennis Siegel

Fête de la musique

At different venues, the international Fête de la musique presents various genres of French music - from classical to pop, from jazz to folk. All without an admission price.

Ein Blick von oben auf eine Bühne mit Publikum davor

Quelle: Hochschule für Künste /© Lusia Eugeni


When the weather’s fine, what could be nicer than taking the little ones to a playground? In the Family and Children section, you’ll find a map with all the playgrounds in Bremen. Further inspiration for things to do with children is under Tips for Families.

Ein Spielplatz im Grünen.

Quelle: JUA privat

La Strada

At the beginning of every summer, the squares of Bremen turn into arenas and its streets function as circus tents for La Strada: Three days full of theater, dance and acrobatics at the Marktplatz, Domshof and on the Wallanlagen. The yearly program is outdoors and free of charge.

Viele Menschen schauen Künstlern auf einer Bühne bei La Strada zu.

Quelle: privat / JUA

Bremen Oldtimer Classics

Every year up to 40 different types of vintage cars gather together at the Marktplatz in Bremen for the Bremen Oldtimer Classics. It’s the starting point for a rally that goes through the countryside of northern Germany.

Viele Oldtimer auf dem Bremer Marktplatz

Quelle: public relations GmbH


One of Bremen’s most beloved cultural festivals is the Breminale on the Osterdeich. Five days of music, art and culture, without an admission price, makes it a highlight of everyone’s summer.

Blick auf festlich beleuchtete Festzelte

Quelle: bremen.online GmbH - hs

Swimming in Bremen

The temperatures are rising you’d love to take a dip and cool off? The places to swim in Bremen are diverse: Swimming spots along the Weser River or in lakes offer a cool-down at no cost.

Kinder am Weserstrand und im Badebereich

Quelle: WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH/T. Vankann

Free Audio Guide

You know Bremen like the back of your hand, and yet when go to lead guests through the city you’re at a loss for words? The Bremer Touristik-Zentrale offers a free audio guide for adults and children in MP3 format to download for free.

Luftaufnahme von Bremen zeigt die Gegend um Weser-Stadion und Weser

Quelle: WFB / Studio b

Summer Sounds

There’s another beloved open-air highlight in Bremen, in the Neustadt: The Summer Sounds in August invite you to enjoy music, a summer garden and regional delicacies. Around 8,000 visitors party for free, outdoors on the hilly Neustadtswallanlagen.

Eine Momentaufnahme auf dem sommerlichen Festival. Viele Menschen und im Vordergrund sitzen einige auf Pick-nick Decken.

Quelle: Neustadt Stadtteilmanagement


Although the citizens of Bremen ride their bikes all year round, in every kind of weather, it’s especially nice in the summertime. You’ll find tips and routes for your next bike ride under BIKE IT!

Vier junge Menschen fahren auf Fahrrädern durch eine belebte Straße; Quelle: WFB/Ingo Wagner

Quelle: WFB/Ingo Wagner

Musik und Licht am Hollersee

You know the summer in Bremen is coming to a close when the event Musik und Licht am Hollersee (Music and Light on the Hollersee) takes place. Classical music illuminated by tikki torchlights. Find yourself a spot and enjoy the spectacle, free of charge.

Menschen sitzen mit Picknickdecken um den Hollersee und lauschen einem klassischen Konzert

Quelle: WFB; Thomas Hellmann


In Autumn, it’s time to prick up your ears and listen: The international storytelling festival in Gröpelingen, Feuerspuren, has storytellers of all ages who tell tales in many languages, in unusual locations.

Laternenumzug im Rahmen des internationalen Erzählfestivals Feuerspuren (Foto: Kultur vor Ort e.V.)

Quelle: Kultur vor Ort e.V.

Bremer Lichtermeer

In November, the colorful lanterns of Bremen’s largest lantern parade turn the Marktplatz into a sea of light. A wonderful display of light for young and old.

Zahlreiche Menschen mit Laternen vor dem beleuchteten Rathaus

Quelle: privat / KBU

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