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Chocolate from Bremen

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Without doubt, one of the most delicious temptations made of cocoa: chocolate! Whole milk, nut, dark, with fruit ... the choice is almost infinite. It’s high time to take a look at Bremen’s chocolatiers.

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Was your favourite flavour among the ones we mentioned? To make sure you keep expanding your chocolate horizons, here is some inspiration for your next chocolate purchase from Bremen’s chocolate makers.Unfortunately, we can’t just hand you a piece to taste while you are reading. But I promise you, it will whet your appetite.

1 Van Heyningen Praline Atelier

Dainty, but delicious: Your chocolate palate can look forward to classic pralines as well as chocolate spoons for a drink in warm milk and a range of chocolate bars. Bremen-based master confectioner Nick van Heyningen makes all these delicacies for you by hand. You will find the current sales dates on the website, and they are open every Friday from 4 to 6 pm for factory outlet sales at Oliver Kriegsch’s premises at Cross Coffee (Use Akschen 91, 28237 Bremen).

Zwei viereckige Schachteln liegen auf einem Holztisch. Die Schachteln sind mit Pralinen gefüllt. Neben den Schachteln liegen zwei Küchenwerkzeuge.

Quelle: Nick van Heyningen / Cord Gode

1 Schokostube

The chocolate fountain in the window gives it away, and when you walk through the door at the latest, the smell of fresh chocolate fills your nose:The Schokostube is in the heart of the Bremen’s historic Schnoor district. Home-made chocolate, truffles, pralines and ice-cream await you. You can enjoy the home-made specialities there in a cosy café atmosphere.

Kleine, aneinander aufgereihte Häuser im Schnoor.

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1 Confiserie Schriefer

The finest natural products find their way into the creations of the Bremen Confiserie Schriefer, with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. Carsten Schriefer and his team focus on traditional recipes for their handmade pralines, lactose-free pralines, and hand-cast chocolate. If you take a peek through the window of their shop in Findorff, you can even watch them at work.

1 'Chocolat' by Grashoff

Delicacies in a jar: Try a taste of the various chocolate spreadsmade by Grashoff in Bremen. The exotic flavours arouse your curiosity: dark chocolate with Sicilian blood orange oil, white chocolate with roasted macadamia nuts, as well as chilli extract or Murray river salt enrich the chocolate spreads made in Bremen.

Eine Produktaufnahme der Chokoladencreme in ihren Gläsern.

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1 Café Hauptmeier

At the Café Hauptmeier patisserie in the Best Western Hotel, Nicole Rudolph and her team create homemade pralines and chocolate. They choose their products with great care and have a fantastic eye for detail. You can either enjoy the decadent chocolate in the café itself or at home.

Ein Motiv von Weinschokolade aus dem Café Hauptmeier.

Quelle: BTZ/ L.Garner

1 Hachez

Bremen’s best-known ‘poster chocolate’ is made by Hachez. As early as 1890, Joseph E. Hachez roasted premium cocoa from South America, conched it, and added other natural ingredients to his chocolate. Today, you will find a wide selection of pralines and every kind of chocolate made by Hachez Chocolatierright in Bremen city centre. In the artisanal shops you can even find an Hachez bargain or two.

Pralinen in der Auslage des Hachez-Geschäftes am Markt

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2 Mayer Junior

Fans of chocolate-covered marshmallows love to hear the typical crunch of the wafer-thin layer of chocolate breaking as they bite into it: Chocolate-covered marshmallows, coconut bars, pillow mints, and marzipan products are all on Mayer Junior’s product list. The traditional recipes, high quality ingredients, completely free of additives and flavourings, make these specialities from Bremen an exceptional taste sensation. Many bakeries and patisseries sell the products in Bremen or you can buy them online.

Einige Schokoküsse stehen auf einem Holzbrettchen.

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1 Chocolate meets wine at the Bremen Ratskeller

Immerse yourselves in Bremen’s underworld for three hours: At five different stations, you can taste different wines, each with a suitable chocolate accompanying it. The Premium Guided Tour in the Bremer Ratskeller unites the unusual combination of grape juice and cocoa creations. What was the saying? Chocolate and wine, absolutely fine!

Ein Korridor im Keller vom Bremer Ratskeller. Der Korridor führt zur sogenannten Schatzkammer.

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