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Ein Paar sitzt auf einer Bank an der Lesum
Bremen’s Front Garden

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In the northeast of Bremen is the neighbourhood of Burglesum. Although one of Bremen’s largest neighbourhood’s area-wise, with just about 33,000 residents, it’s very sparsely populated. With its rural charm, "Bremen’s front garden" – as it’s affectionately called by the residents - captivates. In addition to the peace and quiet and rural idyll, Burglesum offers even more: The yearly open-air festival "Summer in Lesmona" with the Bremen Chamber Philharmonic, takes place here, amazing walks can be taken on the dike along the Lesum River, and a high-rope course offers the adventurous a tree to tree climb.  

Impressions of Burglesum

Knoops Park

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By the Lesum

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Walk in Grambke

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Lesum-Bridge in Burg

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Sunset by the Lesum

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Nature by the river

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Quintessential Burglesum

There’s plenty to discover in the five different sections of Burglesum. The Werderland not only offers the quietness of the countryside, but amongst other things, the Dunger Lake, where there are two-dozen species of indigenous dragon flies. Burg-Grambkeis also quiet, but the nearby presence of the harbour and industry still has an influence on the area. In the western part of Burgdamm you’ll find a very popular shopping-mile. Lesum, on the other hand, charms its inhabitants with its village-like atmosphere, narrow and crooked streets, and quaintly refurbished older buildings. The residents of St. Magnusare not only proud of their well-kept locality, but of their "jewel", Knoops Park, which has its own promotional association to sustain and maintain its attractiveness. 

Not to be Missed in Burglesum

The Seilgarten

In Lehnhof Park Friedehorst things are looking up: Normally a quieter area of Burglesum, there is plenty of excitement awaiting you at the high-rope course. Climb through the trees, together with other thrill- seekers, accompanied by an experienced instructor. 

Quelle: © Petra Liebetanz

The Werderland

This section is almost entirely made up of protected grassland. This has more to offer then you’d think - the extensive flora and fauna make for a wonderful day outdoors - the Werderland is the perfect escape from the hectic every-day. 

The Sportparksee Grambke

On the Sportpark Lake, any boat that runs on wind or muscle is allowed. Fishing is also only allowed under certain conditions. Of course, relaxing on the shore and taking in the view is most certainly permitted.

Quelle: Bremen.online / LLI

The Statue of Countess Emma

Standing near the church in the market square of Lesum is the statue of Countess Emma. In the High Middle Ages, she was one of the most important people in Bremen. She is venerated for the work she did on behalf of the poor.

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Take a Break in the Knoops Park

Whether a stroll or a bike ride, in the Knoops Park there are lots of beautiful places to take a break. Stop for a rest on these park grounds, where there are so many amazing views of the river.

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The Saint Martini Church

The church is located in Lesum on a little hill between the Hindenburgstraße and the Straße An der Lesumer Kirche.  The building is listed and its impressive façade makes a visit worthwhile.

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Good to Know!

A special spot in Burglesum is called "Jünglingshöhe" - an exceptional lookout point with lots of benches to sit on and with a charm all of its own. Stop here to take a break and relax. The aspect from the spot is fantastic, with a view of the Lesum and the surrounding green space - the lookout point is worth a visit.

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