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A leafy hedge colourfully coloured by autumn
Between the Wümme River and the Meadowlands

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Even though the Blockland is officially a neighbourhood of the city of Bremen, the approximately 30-square-metres of land in the middle of the nature preserves "Untere Wümme" and "Kuhgrabensee" is understood to be its own little village. Not far from the city centre, with more cows than people, it’s a popular spot for day-trips. With its the half-timbered houses, garden allotments and ditches, this area is fantastic for biking, skating, and walking. The fact that only residents are permitted to drive a car here makes it especially relaxing.

Impressions of Blockland

Quintessentially Blockland

The Blockland is a thoroughly agricultural area. Directly at, or just behind the dike, you’ll find numerous small to medium-sized farms, almost all of which are dairies. In addition to farming, tourism has been gaining in importance for the Blockland. There are numerous holiday flats to rent, and restaurants offer homemade cakes, delicious ice cream, and hearty Bremen cooking for hungry tourists. Despite these latest developments, the roughly 400 residents of the neighbourhood ensure the original character of their area is retained. Citizen action groups seek to keep the specific traditions and culture of the area alive by, for instance, speaking the local dialect. Of course, this means that engaged participation in the community is important to the residents here: Whether the historical society, volunteer fire department, or young farmers’ association - the sense of community in the Blockland is reflected in the numerous active clubs and associations.

Not to Be Missed in Blockland

Data and Facts

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418 (Stand 12/2019)

Surface Area:

30,30 km²


Blockland is not divided into individual neighbourhoods.



Public Transportation

Apart from school buses, no public transport stops in Blockland. You can get to the neighbourhood on the following lines:

Bus Line 28 to "Kuhgrabenweg", Tram Line 4 to "Am Lehester Deich", Tram Line 6 to "Universität / Klagenfurter Straße"

Local Office Blockland

If you have any requests, comments or complaints about your neighbourhood, please contact the Blockland local office. Weiterlesen

Good to Know

Motorised vehicles are not a welcome sight in Blockland - only residents can drive cars in this neighbourhood. Other vehicles are only allowed there with a "Deichschein" (Dike License). These are issued by the Amt für Straßen und Verkehr (Road Authority). Even motorboat owners are only permitted to pilot on the Wümme between Kuhsiel and Dammsiel if they are residents, or are en route to their permanent berth or shipyard. But biking, skating, or walking is the best way to explore the beautiful Blockland anyway.

grüne Wiese mit Bäumen und Fluss

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