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Gift Ideas for Lovers

Mit dem Ruderboot auf den Kanälen lässt sich die Ruhe und Idylle des Bürgerparks am besten genießen.
Thoughtfulness is Romantic

Quelle: WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH/T. Vankann

Hearts in every variation, cute stuffed animals and, of course, red roses: The classics gifts in the name of love. But maybe perhaps something a bit different this time. Why not delight your partner with something special? We’ve gathered together a few inspired ideas.

  Feinkost JHG Scharringhausen

How about a candlelight dinner for two within your own four walls? At Feinkost JHG Scharringhausen you’ll find special regional and international delicacies. 

Eine Außenaufnahme des Feinkostgeschäfts JHG Scharringhausen-Delikatessen

Quelle: JHG Scharringhausen-Delikatessen Feinkost

 Papier Kunst von Eick

Unusual gifts and one or another "ingredient" for a DIY project can be found at "Papier Kunst von Eick". Trendy home accessories from up north also make great gifts.

Eine Außenaufnahme des Geschäfts Papier Kunst von Eick

Quelle: Papier Kunst von Eick / Melanka Fotografie

 Blumen Krause

In addition to the classic red rose, Blauen Krause offers individually assembled flower arrangements, bouquets and baskets. The special feature: The flowers are locally sourced.

 Foto Bischoff

The team at Foto Bischoff help you to make unique gifts from your photos, whether photo-album, personalized pillow, keychain, etching in glass or 3D photos.   

 Fun Factory Store

For almost 20 years, Lovetoys have been "Made in Germany" on the Weser. Quality and award-winning design make the sex toys of Fun Factory unique. 

Eine Innenaufnahme aus der Fun Factory mit einem Ausschnitt ihrer Produktpalette: viele bunte Dildos.

Quelle: Fun Factory

 Le Salon

Want a little break from the everyday, but don’t feel like doing the typical wellness and sauna program? The team from "Le Salon" will pamper you with a makeover or beauty and spa offer.

 Weinhandel im Fedelhören

The right wine to round out a good day can be found at Weinhandel im Fedelhören. Discover special imports, real insider tips, and that wine that pairs perfectly with your meal.

 Konditorei Café Knigge

Say it with chocolate! If the way to someone’s heart is through his or her stomach, then you can’t go wrong with a little sweet something. The Café Knigge with its homemade torts, pralines, truffles and original Bremen Klaben has almost everything the "sweet heart" desires.

 Becker Schmuckwaren

Another favorite present is jewelry. Sabine and Jens Becker feature silver jewelry in many different styles.

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