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Blick nach Südwesten mit Weserstadion, Dom und Umgedrehter Kommode in der Morgenröte; Quelle: Micha via #BremerMoment
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Quelle: Micha via #BremerMoment

Christmas or the birthday of a loved-one draws near and you’d like to find that very special gift? The Weser metropolis has something for you: With its aerospace headquarters, its German Bundesliga soccer team, and the off-road vehicle course "The Rock!" – Bremen has no shortage of fun things to do! With our event and experience tips, you’ll find the right one for you.

 Nachts in Bremen

The Bremen Ratskeller is the stage for the truly Bremen-ish musical "Nachts in Bremen" (Night in Bremen). Time-travel through centuries of Bremen’s past while enjoying a four-course meal. Other culinary vendors and restaurants can be found with our Gastrofinder.

Die Schauspieler sind mitten in einer Szene von "Nachts in Bremen".

Quelle: Showtunes - Agentur für Musik, Events & Medien

 Schiffsherberge Klabauterbett

Ship ahoy! Let yourself be gently rocked to sleep in the boat cabin of the Schiffsherberge Klabauterbett. Whether on the Jule or the Ronja – the accommodation is cozy and authentically decorated.

Eine Aufnahme vom Deck der Klabauterbett-Pension.

Quelle: Klabauterbett/Katharina Berndt

 Rösterei Münchhausen

Coffee aroma wafts through the air – look over the shoulder of roasting house Münchhausen’s staff while they refine the delicious beans! The perfect gift for a coffee-lover. 

Eine Frau nimmt Kaffeebohnen aus einer großen Maschine.

Quelle: Rösterei Münchhausen

 Team Escape

Ready for a mysterious case, secrets and puzzle solving? Team Escape offers the adventurous "Live Room Escape Game" in Schuppen Eins.

Ein Bild von einem großen Labyrinth.

Quelle: Team Escape/ Spiel+Event GmbH

 The Rock

You won’t come across a 70% incline and an 80% slope often in Bremen, but the terrain of Daimler’s "The Rock!" is open to the public for some very special driving fun.

Ein Geländewagen auf der Teststrecke: Das rechte Vorderrad hängt in der Luft.

Quelle: privat-JUA

 Aerospace Tour

Fascinating questions are investigated: How does one live, sleep and research in space? How much does a liter of milk weigh on the Moon, Saturn or Venus? Bookings are available over the BTZ.

Während der Führung durch die Raumfahrtstation mit vielen Geräten.

Quelle: Jonas Ginter / BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale

 Fritz Theater

How about a theater show? The Fritz Theater Bremen has a broad program with revues, theater, comedies, musicals, concerts and parties. You’ll be spoiled for choice with entertainment and with the diverse array of food and drink as well. Other Bremen theaters can be found at Theaterübersicht. 

Der leere Theatersaal in schönem Licht und vor dem großen roten Vorhang.

Quelle: Fritz Theater

 Becks Brewery Tour

Would you like to experience the art of brewing live? The Becks Brewery tour takes you through malt silos, fermentation and storage tanks, and ends with a beer tasting. Book your tour over BTZ.

Eine kleine Gruppe steht neben zwei großen Sudkesseln.

Quelle: Michael Ihle / AB Inbev, Brauerei Beck & Co

 Werder Stadium Tour

Take a seat on the coach’s bench and feel the presence of the players! Check out the interior of the stadium, the visiting team’s changing-room, the press-conference room and the VIP area. The tours takes 1 ½ to 2 hours and ends in the Wuseum museum. A great event gift, even for non-Werder fans.

Im Werderstadion stehen Leute während einer Stadionführung am Spielfeldrand.

Quelle: ®das sprengwerk

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