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Types of School in Bremen

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Learn about the school career in Bremen

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Pupils go through a two-tier school system in Bremen during their school career. All children start school life when they enter primary school. After four years it is then a matter of deciding which secondary school your child should attend. The options are the Oberschule (upper secondary school) and the Gymnasium (grammar school). Since 2009 there has also been the option in Bremen of continuing the school career after primary school at a Werkschule (factory school). Bremen's broad educational spectrum is rounded off by numerous independent schools.

Find out about the different types of schools in Bremen and get an overview of the general education school system.

Kinder lesen Bücher im Park.

Independent Schools

Every child is different and this diversity is also reflected in Bremen's broad educational spectrum. Independent schools, for example, set different priorities.

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School Guide

Are you looking for a particular school, type of school or institution in your area? You can find all schools in Bremen, sorted by type and location, in the school guide. Weiterlesen

Regional Counselling and Support

The four Regional Counselling and Support Centres (ReBUZ) in Bremen advise parents, pupils as well as those working in schools in difficult situations. Weiterlesen

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