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Everything about Schools in Bremen

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The range of general education schools in Bremen

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Pupils in Bremen have a wide range of educational opportunities at their disposal for their school career. Numerous primary schools, secondary schools, grammar schools and independent schools accompany children and young people on their way to a school-leaving certificate valid for general education schools. Find out about the individual types of school and get helpful tips on the transitions between the various stages of the school career. Learn interesting facts about inclusion as well as numerous addresses of counselling centres in all matters concerning school.

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Types of School

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Transitioning to Secondary School

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A young woman writes something on a pad

Transition to Gymnasiale Oberstufe

(upper grammar school level)

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Transition to Vocational Training

There are numerous opportunities to enter professional life after school

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Kinder lesen Bücher im Park.

Compulsory School Attendance

Who actually has to go to school and for how long?

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Schoolchildren experiment in chemistry lessons

Inclusion at Schools

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Holiday Dates

Plan, pack your suitcase and go! An overview of the school holidays in the state of Bremen is available here. Weiterlesen

Assistance and Support

Bad grades? Problems with arithmetic, reading or writing? Or do you have other worries? At the Regional Counselling and Support Centres (ReBUZ) you will find contact people who will help you in all matters. Weiterlesen

Schools in Bremen

Get informed with the school navigator. Here you can find all schools in the state of Bremen at a glance. Weiterlesen

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