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Delicatessens, Pralines, Wine and More

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You’d like to flavor your evening with Spanish olive oil and the finest sea-salt? Spoil your guests with delicious chocolate, wine and posh liquor? Or perhaps you’re seeking a specific ingredient for a recipe you’re making. Let us give you tips for where to find special delicatessens and introduce you to specialty delis in different neighborhoods.

Holtorf Feinkost

Holtorf Feinkost is in Bremen’s Viertel. The assortment here is large: organic meats, rice, vinegars, mustards, chutneys, pralines and baked goods – at Holtorf Feinkost you’ll find a wide selection of delicatessen products and colonial goods.

Blick in Holtorf Feinkost: Foto: Jonas Ginter

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Piekfeine Brände

Piekfeine Brände opened in the Überseestadt in 2011 as a distillery for especially mild premium liquor. Here you can purchase liquor, spirits, gin, liqueur and whisky directly at the manufacturer. You can also find their products at different handlers around Bremen, like Holtorf Feinkost for instance.

Verkaufsraum mit Piekfeine Brände; Foto: Birgitta Rust - Piekfeine Brände e.K.

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Confiserie Domshof

Confiserie Domshof has been in the Domshofpassage for almost 10 years. Here you can indulge yourself and friends in exclusive chocolates, pralines, cakes, baked-goods, marzipan and many other delicious treats. Chocolatey souvenirs await your family, friends and co-workers

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Klassiopeia Tee- und Edelsteinhaus Bremen

The tea and precious-stone house is inside a villa on the Bismarckstraße in the Viertel. You’ll find a large assortment of carefully chosen teas and coffees, as well as exquisite chocolates and beautiful precious-stones.

Links: Blick auf den Einzelhändler Kassiopea, rechts: verschiedene Teesorten

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Feines in the Neustadt

In the Feines delicatessen shop in Bremen’s Neustadt, the cheese, sausage, ham, chocolate, bread, jams, coffee and tea, as well as exclusive delicacies from all over Europe, ensure that your daily life is filled with goodness.

Blick auf das Schaufenster eines Feinkostgeschäftes in der Neustadt

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Grashoff Feinkost

In Grashoff’s delicatessen shop on the Contrescarpe near Am Wall, there’s plenty of variety and things that makes life worth living. From specially selected wine, cheese and sausage to sweet delicacies – you’ll find everything you want here for your culinary shopping.

Delikatessen Geschäft Grashoff

Quelle: Grashoff Delikatessen

Nußbaum Käse

At seven locations (Findorff, ÖkoMarkt Ostertor -Neustadt und -Steintor, Domshof, Steintor, and Lesum) the eco-farmed, raw-milk cheese from Nußbaum Rohmilchkäse is sold at mobile cheese counters. The value regional products from select farms that support animal welfare.

Wochenmarktstand Nußbaum Käse

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Lestra Kaufhaus

At Lestra you’ll find a diverse assortment of delicatessen articles and specialties. Here you’ll enjoy personal guidance and good service. The Kaufhaus is on Horner Heerstraße 29/31.

Blick in die Weinabteilung von Lestra

Quelle: Lestra Kaufhaus GmbH

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