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Curly kale itineraries

Im Bürgerpark gehen Leute spazieren, die Sonne scheint.
Walks followed by delicious curly kale

Quelle: WFB / LRU

The approach of winter means falling temperatures – and the start of the curly kale season. There is nothing quite like a long walk in the fresh air followed by a warming plate of curly kale. We have put together some varied curly kale walking itineraries for you: from a trip through the Bürgerpark to a stroll along the Lesum to Vegesack. Bring your family or friends along and have fun!

Curly kale itinerary 1: Bürgerpark

Explore the hidden corners of the Bürgerpark on a one-hour stroll. The many sights along the way give you the option of adding a few stops as the mood takes you. 


Location: Bürgerpark, walk: around 1 hour, 5.3 km


Photos of the different stops in the Bürgerpark

Curly kale itinerary 2: Bremen North

Discover the north of the city on a long walk through Knoops Park, along the Lesum to Vegesack, rounded off with delicious curly kale at the end.


Location: Bremen North, walk: around 1 hour, 5.4 km


Photos of the different stops in Bremen North

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Ein Gästeführer erzählt einer jungen Gruppe bei einer Stadtführung in der Böttcherstraße Wissenswertes über Bremen

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