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Town Musicians Play

Als Stadtmusikanten verkleidete Schauspieler*innen
An open-air performance with life-size characters from the fairytale (only German).

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This performance based on the fairytale by the Brothers Grimm brings the story of the Bremen Town Musicians to life. The donkey, dog, cat and rooster awake on cathedral square (Domshof) and recount the adventure of their journey to Bremen – in the open air and with life-size characters.

Where & When

  • 5 May - 29 Sept 2019
    Every sunday at noon
  • June + July 2019
    Every saturday at 4pm

Domshof (cathedral square)
free of charge

This popular folk tale, performed every Sunday on Bremen's cathedral square, is a hit with young and old alike. Please note that the performance is only in German.

You can find the original sculpture of the famous animals on the west side of the town hall.

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