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Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten feiern ausgelassen ihren 200. Geburtstag von März bis Oktober 2019.
Here you’ll find an overview of all events, from exhibitions and music festivals to competitions.

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From exhibitions and music festivals to competitions: this is where you can find all events of the Town Musicians Summer at a glance.

Naturally we’ve got all kinds of special events planned for the celebrations in honour of our Town Musicians. From a major exhibition at the Kunsthalle art gallery to an academic symposium there’ll be something to enjoy for all ages.

Bremen also offers many excellent annual music events – the donkey, rooster, dog and cat were travelling musicians, after all! See below for the biggest and best concerts and festivals.

La Strada

Quelle: Kirsten Kiesche / sagmalspaghetti / La Strada

Kunsthalle Bremen, Stadtmusikantensommer

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Festival Maritim

Quelle: WFB / Kristina Tarnowski

Stadtmusikantenspiel, Stadtmusikantensommer

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Special events for the 200th anniversary


23 March to 1 September 2019
The Bremen Town Musicians exhibition
Celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Brothers Grimm fairytale at the Kunsthalle Bremen art gallery. 
Kunsthalle Bremen art gallery

Early July 2019
Town Musicians Festival

May to October 2019
Town Musicians Play (only German)
The Bremen Town Musicians on cathedral square: open-air performances with life-size characters from the fairytale.
Domshof (Cathedral square)
(additional performance on Saturdays during June and July (tbc.))

25 May 2019
Museums Night
Bremen’s museums open their doors for a late night extravaganza of arts and culture.
Bremen museums
(Town Musicians theme to be confirmed)

13 to 16 June 2019
La Strada
Every year, Bremen’s international street performance festival turns the entire city centre into a giant circus space.
City centre

Annual music events in Bremen


25 to 28 April 2019
Irresistible jazz rhythms. An impressive line-up of top acts. 2019 partner country: Norway
Bremen Conference Centre

28 to 30 June 2019
Summer in Lesmona
An exclusive concert weekend featuring the German Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra of Bremen in Knoops Park on the banks of the Lesum river.
Knoops Park, Bremen-Lesum

3 to 7 July 2019
Live music in circus tents and al fresco art on the banks of the Weser. Jugglers and other street performers, imaginative children’s games. Open-air cinema on a giant screen. Theatre, dance, readings and much more besides.
Osterdeich/Weser embankment

2 to 4 August 2019
International Maritime Festival
A maritime atmosphere in Vegesack harbour, with international guests performing sea songs and shanties.

24 August to 14 September 2019
Bremen Music Festival
‘Eine grosse Nachtmusik’, which opens the festival, features several concerts around the illuminated market square and sets the tone for other pleasures to come: the cream of the world’s artists, programmes that span repertoires and musical genres (e.g. classical, jazz and crossover), and venues ranging from the traditional to the unexpected.
Various venues: Die Glocke concert hall, upper hall of the town hall, churches, factory halls and outlying areas of Bremen

Blick auf hell erleuchtete Festzelte

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