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Tips for a fruity, creamy or unique cocktail experience: enjoy your favourite drink at a local bar or have it delivered to your desired location.

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Cocktail bars are a dime a dozen, and this is no different in Bremen. Whether sweet, sour, fruity or creamy, there is a cocktail to suit every taste. What's more, they look particularly good with their sugar or fruit decorations. Here you can find out at which places in Bremen a very special cocktail experience awaits you.

1 Bobby Lane

The Bobby Lane Bar impresses with its classic ambience and relaxed atmosphere. Here, your individual cocktail dreams are fulfilled and the latest as well as tried-and-tested trends from the cocktail world are offered. Even though the focus here is on rum and gin, other liquor preferences are not neglected. Gin fans in particular get their money's worth here!

Das Logo und der Schriftzug vom Bobby Lane, darunter die Theke mit Spirituosen.

© Bobby Lane

1 Blauer Fasan

You won't find cheap cocktails at Blauer Fasan; here you'll experience a cocktail evening of the upscale kind. Enjoy high-quality and creative cocktails with fresh ingredients in a stylish bar atmosphere. Here you will definitely find what you are looking for - from tried and tested cocktail classics to your own unusual creations.

Die Cocktailbar Blauer Fasan von Innen

© Tim Lüllmann

3 Lemon Lounge

In the Lemon Lounge you can enjoy a great view over Bremen's Wallanlagen. Cocktails are served - from semi-frozen to hot. If that's still too ordinary for you, you can try the "Barrel Aged Cocktails": Cocktails that have been stored in oak barrels for up to 100 days.

Would you rather try it yourself? Then you can take part in a course at the Lemon Lounge. Professional bartenders will be on hand to give you advice and support.

Eine Innenaufnahme der Lemonlounge in einem Rotorangenlicht seht ihr eine gut gefüllte Cocktailbar.

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„On-Top-Lounge“ DECK 20

Cocktails and luxury in Bremen are offered by Deck 20 in Überseestadt. The view from this exclusive bar at a height of 65 metres is as popular as it is breathtaking. Especially at night, the bar offers a unique view over Bremen and the Weser.

However, access is restricted: only those who are dressed appropriately, have a club card and are older than 21 are allowed into the bar. You'll also need a bit of luck, as it can happen that all the seats are already taken.
Once you've cleared all the hurdles, you can enjoy a delicious cocktail in a bar with a unique view.

Der Landmark Tower in der Bremer Überseestadt. Fotografiert an einem sonnigen Frühlingsnachmittag.



The Wohnzimmer in the eastern suburbs is almost as cosy as your own living room at home. A retro shed with 70s wallpaper, the cosiest armchairs, a Super Nintendo and very tasty cocktails. Since the Wohnzimmer enjoys great popularity among the people of Bremen, it is often very crowded. If you want to get one of the cosy armchairs, you have to be there early enough.

Außenansicht vom "Wohnzimmer" im Bremer Viertel. Die Wand ist mit einem bunten Graffiti besprüht.

© Wohnzimmer Bremen


The Óniro, which is Greek for dream, awaits you in Findorff with cocktails, delicious burgers, pizzas and much more. Whether it's a sit-down meal or a happy hour at the bar with friends, the cocktails here are always delicious. If you like surprises, you should definitely stop by Óniro. The recipes and contents of the "Schoko Colada" and "The Big Milky Rice" are guarded and not revealed - order at your own risk!

1st Class Suicide

1st Class Suicide is located in Neustadt. This nice little bar has good music, a particularly extensive range of gin, a great atmosphere and, above all, delicious and unusual cocktails! Film lovers should try the Big Lebowski and for all whiskey fans the keyword is Lynchburg Lemonade!

Eine Innenansicht von der 1st Class Suicide - Bar.

© Marta Urbanelis

Bermuda Dreieck

Bremen's Bermuda Triangle is not just about rock music, beer and men with long hair - you can also find good cocktails here. Especially the Bermuda and the Capri Bar are worth a visit.

The Bermuda has a great atmosphere, table football and of course a happy hour.

The Capri Bar is reminiscent of the Grotto of Capri. The feeling of sitting in a real grotto, with colourful fish in aquariums and delicious, large cocktails is definitely worth a visit. The Capri Bar also tempts with a cocktail happy hour and table football.

Abendliche Außenaufnahme der Kneipe Bermuda im Viertel

© BTZ / Jonas Ginter


Papp is an urban all-round bar. Here you can enjoy cocktails, bottled beer, coffee, organic ice cream, live music and all kinds of events. It is located directly on the Wilhelm-Kaisen-Brücke and has a particularly beautiful outdoor area, especially in summer.

Das Papp in der Abendstimmung.

© WFB/Jens Lehmkühler


The Enchilada - located at Bremen's Schlachte. Here you will not only find chillies and tequila, but also delicious Mexican food, a great ambience and of course: great cocktails!
The highlight is probably the Cocktail Casino! Every Tuesday, there is a dice toss for the cocktail price. The principle is simple: tell the croupier which cocktail you want, roll the dice, and the number on the dice is the price of your cocktail. True to the motto: gambling gets you drunk!

Ein Cocktail namens Enchilada Mule, serviert im Becher. Davor Früchte und Gurken.

© Enchilada Franchise GmbH


With Cocktailooo, it's easy to open your own cocktail bar - wherever you like it best. Bremen's cocktail delivery service offers classic, non-alcoholic and vegan cocktails at bar level. The cocktails are freshly mixed according to your order and delivered to your favourite place in Bremen with an extra portion of ice - so the cocktail is not only fresh and fruity, but can also always be enjoyed cold. The cocktails are delivered daily from 5 p.m. onwards. You can order in advance at any time, specifying your preferred delivery time.

Einige junge Leute halten ihre bunten Cocktails in die Kamera.

© Massimo Mix

12 Brill No6

Whether classic drinks or your own unusual creations - here you can enjoy cocktails from all over the world in an international setting. Bar Brill No6 has gin and rum tastings in its repertoire and offers you the opportunity to learn how to create your own drinks in 2.5 hours in the cocktail course "Locker vom Hocker". You can also book the courses as private courses with a minimum of ten people for your party.

Verschiedene beleuchtete Alkoholsorten auf Regalen an der Wand

© WFB / Kristina Tarnowski

13 Perlen und Primaten

At Ostertorsteinweg 83, the operators of Blauer Fasan have opened a second paradise for cocktail fans with the bar Perlen und Primaten. In addition to classics, you will find special creations on the seasonally changing menu, such as spice-infused vodkas or gins. Let us surprise you!

Zwei Cocktailgläser auf einer Theke

© BTZ / Ingrid Krause

14 Lemon Garden

At Wall 177 you will find the Lemon Garden, run by the owner of the Lemon Lounge. The drinks on offer there include a regional-seasonal menu with their own creations. In addition, you can look forward to monthly changing historical drinks and a rich selection of gin, rum, whiskey, wine and non-alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks. A small selection of pizza and tarte flambée also awaits hungry guests.

Hinter einer Bar stehen ein Mann und eine Frau Rücken an Rücken und lächeln in die Kamera. Sie halten beide Cocktailshaker in den Händen.


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