Cafés with Wi-Fi

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Give yourself and your data limit a break in one of Bremen’s free Wi-Fi cafés.

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We love Wi-Fi cafés where free hotspots make a bunch of things possible: meeting friends, receiving and sending emails, holding informal business meetings, relaxing or simply killing time – without depleting your own data volume. Here are some Bremen cafés where you can surf for free while you sip your coffee.


WKcafé in Bremen’s city centre is a great place for coffee lovers. In addition to the free Wi-Fi and speciality coffees, you can order a variety of snacks.


The Wohnzimmer in the Viertel offers free Wi-Fi. The retro café, furnished with cushy vintage sofas and 70s wallpaper, will make you feel like you’re sitting in a living room. And that’s what the name means: ‘Wohnzimmer’ is ‘living room’ in German.

Konditorei Knigge

Since 1885, tradition-steeped Konditorei Knigge has been serving cakes and tortes. And now customers are served free Wi-Fi on the 2nd floor.

Konditorei Knigge in der Sögestraße Außenansicht

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Das Lei

At the Lei bistro in Bremen’s Viertel, delicious organic fare, like soup and salad, are offered along with the free Wi-Fi. You can watch football matches here as well.

Café Lei im Viertel Außenansicht

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The Theatro next to the Goethetheater offers free Wi-Fi. The restaurant-café serves a variety of Italian dishes.

Theatro neben dem Goethetheater Außenansicht

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Café & Bar Celona

The Café & Bar Celona can be found in many cities throughout Germany. A mix between a bar, café, and restaurant, it offers free Wi-Fi to its customers. In Bremen, the bar is located on the Schlachte.

Café & Bar Celona am Brill Außenansicht

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Alex Bremen Domshof

The Alex Bremen am Domshof offers one free hour of Wi-Fi. In addition to substantial meals, Alex also serves hot drinks and sweet snacks. So, you can take a little break and enjoy a coffee and a slice of cake while surfing the net.

Café Alex Außenansicht

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The American Starbucks chain is internationally famous. Every café has free Wi-Fi. Starbucks offers hot and cold tea and coffee and sweet and savoury snacks. In Bremen, Starbucks can be found in the city centre, at the train station, and in the Waterfront shopping mall.

Starbucks in der Innenstadt Café Außenansicht

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Le Crobag

Le Crobag also offers free Wi-Fi. There is one in Bremen’s downtown as well as in the train station.

Le Crobag in der Innenstadt Außenansicht

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