Brewery Culture in Bremen

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Find out what you can experience on the Weser around the topics of beer and the art of brewing and what the Bremen beer scene has to offer you.

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Bremen looks back on a long brewing tradition. Brewing has been going on in the city on the Weser since the 12th century. While world-famous brands have their origins in Bremen and are on everyone's lips, a lively craft beer scene with handcrafted delights also delights the palates. You can experience this diverse brewing art live, learn numerous tricks for home brewing experiments at workshops, seminars and tastings and learn interesting facts about the tasty drink made from hops and malt.

Art of Brewing Made by Beck's

Founded in Bremen in 1873, today's Beck & Co. brewery is world-famous. Exported to around 120 countries, the brewery from the Weser is best known for its popular Pilsner from the green bottle. With the pioneering spirit of their founding fathers, the company's brewmasters are also constantly creating new beers, mixed beer drinks and non-alcoholic variants. Lots of interesting information about the art of brewing, the brewery and the Beck's and Haake-Beck brands, presented in a varied way, are the centrepiece of the brewery tour in Bremen.

Schlachte Embankment at night

Must-See for Beck's Fans: The Alexander von Humboldt

The world-famous three-master from the legendary Beck's advertisements is anchored at the Schlachte.

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Real Craft Brewing at the Freie Brau Union Bremen - Free Brewing Union Bremen

After almost 50 years without brewing any beer, the history of the Freie Brau Union has been written since 2015: In the Walle district, tradition meets the present. In the brewery's historic brick building, Bremen craft beers are brewed with great passion in the modern brewhouse. Guided tours, beer seminars and brew days give you insights and know-how about the art of brewing.

Original Brewing Tradition at Bremer Braumanufaktur

What started as a start-up in 2014 has become an integral part of the heart of Bremen: the Bremer Braumanufaktur brewery on the former Kellogg site. On the rapidly developing Überseeinsel, not only are varied varieties of the Hopfenfänger brand brewed, a beer garden and a brewpub also await you here. The associated vegetable yard, where some of the processed hops are grown, is also only a stone's throw away. Together with the Bremer Braumanufaktur, it won the 2022 Tourism Award in the sustainability category.

In addition, exciting brewery tours, tastings and beer seminars await you on site. And all this right on the Weser - it doesn't get any better than this!

Schüttinger: Bremen's Oldest Pub Brewery

The Schüttinger pub brewery stands for drinkable beer, rustic food and conviviality at long wooden tables. The Bremen tradition of the house brewery was revived in 1990. Exactly two types of beer are served here, namely light and dark. The two drinkable Schüttinger beers are particularly good to try at the so-called brewers' feast, which combines food and drink with an exuberant atmosphere.

Bremen's Craft Beer Scene

Craft beer is literally on everyone's lips and has also long since arrived in Bremen. Old breweries have been revived or new ones opened in various places in the city, pubs serve specialities and entire shops focus on the variety of exquisite beers. Here you can find out where craft beer is brewed in Bremen and where you can buy and, above all, taste special beers.

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