The World of Books

A young woman is standing in front of a table-high shelf in a bookshop, looking at the books. In the background are large bookshelves.
Shopping Tips for Bookworms

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Discover the world of books at a bookstore in your area. Here are some interesting bookshops in different neighborhoods.

Buchhandlung Geist am Schnoor

The Buchhandlung Geist, located in the Schnoor, is the oldest bookstore in Bremen with a selected assortment of books. The Buchhandlung Geist collection has an emphasis on foreign language, theology, and education and training books.

Mitarbeiter der Buchhandlung Geist am Schnoor

Quelle: Buchhandlung Geist

Buchhandlung Storm

At Buchhandlung Strom in the Langenstraße in the middle of the city, you’ll find a special selection of books with an emphasis on literature, history, philosophy, nature sciences and a large range of audio books.

Außenansicht Buchhandlung Storm

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Buchhandlung Sieglin

Vor dem Steintor in the Viertel is the Buchhandlung Sieglin, where you’ll find a wide selection of literature, children and young adult books, as well as a collection of cook books and travel guides. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, they’ll be happy to order it for you to pick up the following day.

Außenansicht der Buchhandlung Sieglin

Quelle: Cityinitiative Bremen; Buchhandlung Sieglin

Th. Otto & Sohn GmbH

If you find yourself in Vegesack, stop by otto und sohn Bücherwelt. A colorful selection of themes and areas of interest with an emphasis on fiction, paperbacks and young adult books awaits you here. Titles that aren’t in stock can usually be ordered for pick-up within 24 hours.

Außenansicht Buchhandlung Otto & Sohn in Vegesack

Quelle: Otto & Sohn Buchhandlung; Vegesack Marketing

Logbuch Literatur & Design

The bookstore Logbuch is in the Überseestadt. In addition to its literary inventory and contemporary non-fiction selection, Logbuch specializes in books on the topics of graphic design and typography, graphic novels and film, and children and young adult.

Innenansicht der Buchhandlung "Logbuch".

Quelle: Logbuch KG

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