Ein junger Hirte mit der Herde auf dem Heimweg.

Antikenmuseum im Schnoor

Das Museum präsentiert die bedeutendste private Sammlung griechischer Vasen in Deutschland.

The high culture of ancient Greece influenced the Western civilization of today. While practically none of the paintings of this great era have survived, depictions on excavated wine and oil jars illustrate cultural themes of the ancient Greek world.

Vases made in Greece were highly valued in antiquity. Discovery sites suggest that they were exported to the outlying areas of the ancient world, where they were in use for a longer time. Utilized at all levels of society, the vases were often buried with their owners. This explains the good condition they were found in. 

Antike Vase vor blauem Hintergrund. Kampf des Herakles gegen den Kentauren Nessos.

Kampf des Herakles gegen den Kentauren Nessos.

Quelle: Antikenmuseum im Schnoor